Cataloging: Connexion Save Files

Purpose: In order to move save files and profile settings to a new computer, you will need to copy the Db and Profiles folders from the “Connex” folder on your old computer to the corresponding folder on the new computer. Follow the steps below to complete this. Be sure that Connexion client is closed before performing starting.

  1. From your old computer, save Db and Profiles folders from the Y:\Documents and Settings\YOUR username\Application Data\OCLC\Connex (Where Y: is the drive Connexion is installed on your workstation AND your username is your Windows profile username your use to log onto (i.e. your library Network login)) folder to your U: drive;
  2. Install Connexion client onto your new computer;
  3. With your new Connexion client closed, simply move the two files you have just copied from the old computer into new computer’s “Connex” folder (located at Y:\Documents and Settings\YOUR username\Application Data\OCLC\Connex) replacing any existing ones;
  4. Open Connexion client and pull up your save files.

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