Cataloging: Cutter Numbers for UMaine Theses

Purpose: To expedite the process of assigning UMaine thesis Cutter number by using the Cataloging Calculator.


  1. Go to the Cataloging Calculator webpage at
  2. Type in last name starting from the initial letter in the search query field. Check LC Cutter in search options box. Select first two or three digits after the initial letter.

Example:   Kenney   K46

Exceptions: For local practice, if the initial letter of the last name is a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or starts with S, the cutter number uses two or three (only in the case of Sch) alphabet letters followed by two or three digits. Type in the last name starting from the second or third letter into Cataloger’s Calculator query field. Only capitalize the initial letter.


Ortner   Or76

Schatz    Sch38

  1. Check against local shelflist to see if the new call number fits in. If not, make adjustment.
  2. Write down the Cutter number on the routing slip.
  3. Attach the bar code to the back of thesis.

Full Cataloging Procedures for UMaine Theses

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