Cataloging: JSTOR DDA Updates

Purpose: to provide guidelines on processing Update record sets provided though WorldShare Collection Manager.

  1. Review the Excel file sent by WorldShare to see what type of update is in the list. The updates that are the most important are OCLC Control Number changes. The reason for the updates can be found in column H of the Excel file.
  2. If it is control number updates, download the file(s) from WorldShare, and edit them in MARCEdit to the standards for the collection,  i.e. JSTOR, Springer, etc.
  3. Using the Export Tab Delimited Text function in MARCEdit, export a list of all of the OCLC numbers in the 019 field. This needs to be done because Sierra cannot match an OCLC number in an 019 field with a number in an 020 field. So to remove all of the old records from Sierra, the 019 need to be searched and the records deleted.
  4. Using the Create Lists feature in Sierra, run a JSON search, an example is available from Maine InfoNet, for the records with the old OCLC numbers, exported in step three. Then create another list of items, looking for the item for the specific resource, searched against the list that was just created. Delete these items using Delete Records, and check the radio button to delete bibs if there are no other attached records.
  5. Proceed to load the new bibs as usual for the publisher.