Cataloging: LMC Graphic Novels

Purpose: To catalog graphic novels for the Learning Materials Collection in accordance with local practice with special attention to a shared subject heading.

Identification: LMC Graphic Novels will have a green flag with the words “Graphic Novel” written on it.

Cataloging: Search for a record on URSUS or on OCLC as usual. (See Learning Materials Collection: Downloading from OCLC for more information.) Follow local procedures for assigning call numbers and subject headings.

Call numbers: The green LMC flag will also indicate which of four main collections the graphic novel belongs to:

  • Juv Fic
  • Teen Fic

For Juv Fic and Teen Fic titles, build the call number using the same procedure used for other Juv and Teen fiction titles (i.e., by Cuttering on the author’s name, plus the first letter of the title).

  • Teen Nonfic
  • Juv Nonfic

For Juv and Teen nonfiction, consult with original catalogers to determine an appropriate Dewey call number.

DO NOT use 741.5 as the call number for LMC graphic novels. At present, it is national practice to class all graphic novels under this call number and thus will frequently appear in URSUS or OCLC records. We have determined that it will be Fogler Library policy to class LMC graphic novels with other LMC fiction or nonfiction works.

Subject headings: All graphic novels should not include the following subject heading:

650 _0 Graphic novels

  • If the heading “Graphic novels” occurs in the record as a 650, delete it and add the 655 _7 as an additional heading.
    • Example: 655 _7 Graphic novels. $2 lcgft
  • Nonfiction graphic novels should also have at least one other subject heading which indicates the topic of the graphic novel.

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