Cataloging: Monographs Beyond Repair

Purpose: To provide access to online full-text monographs for titles formerly held in print which are beyond repair.  Direct links in URSUS bibliographic records are established.

1. Request received from Head of Collections, after reviewing materials for binding repair decisions

2. Search online sources for full-text collections offered on our e-books link page which consists chiefly of public domain titles that have been digitized. Also, check Google Print using the advanced search strategy for a title within the years 1500-1923.  The date range will result in public domain titles only.

3. If a link to full text is found, retrieve the print record for the title in URSUS:

(a) Add linking field 856 to the bibliographic record.

    • Insert a field from the bib record under the mode of “Edit”
    • Tag of new field: y
    • MARC tag: 856 41
    • Type |u and then paste the URL from the publisher screen
    • If the licensed resource is available to UMaine only, add |zUM Orono Access. Note: If not restricted, then |zView ebook online.

Example: 856 41 |u|zView e-book online

4. If no link is available then the item should be withdrawn from the collection.

5.  Update holdings in bibliographic record to remove oro

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