Cataloging: Special Collections Maine Cities and Towns

Purpose: to give an overview and procedures for the classification of Special Collections books by and about Maine cities and towns.

Library of Congress schedule

F : United States local history
16-30 : Maine
29 : Cities, towns, etc. A-Z

Table I, Subdivisions under states: Cities, towns, etc. A-Z

Class here historical and descriptive matter on a town or city and its subdivisions; local biography; genealogy; vital records; histories of colonial churches reaching back to the settlements; local societies of a historical character; centennial and other local celebrations; old home week; views; historic buildings; etc.

Class here also estates and townships not located within the limits of any town or city, e.g., F234.S865, Stratford Hall, Westmoreland Co., Va.

Fogler Library schedule (established April 1971)

Maine F 29 Cutter-Sanborn town number A1-A6: “Official” publications

  • A1 : Reports (town, annual, etc.)
  • A2 : Plans (comprehensive, summary, etc.)
  • A28 : Town charter and ordinances
  • A3 : History
  • A4 : School reports

A7-Z: Individual authors

Note: A2 may be expanded to differentiate among volumes (e.g., A2, City of Lewiston comprehensive plan; A21, Housing report, City of Lewiston; A22, Lewiston historic preservation report; A23, Recreation report, City of Lewiston; A24, Capital improvement program, City of Lewiston).

Complete the call number by adding the date.  Thus,

Maine F29.[town number] $b [A1-Z] [date]



Cutter-Sanborn numbers for cities and towns in Maine

Note: this list is kept expressly for Fogler’s collection and does not necessarily match those used by LC or other University of Maine System libraries. When in doubt, cutter numbers in this list should be given precedence over those from other sources when cataloging for Fogler Library Special Collections.

Regional planning: use HT393
County history, description, official and non-official publications: use F27

Multiple copies
Copy 2, etc. may circulate.

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