Cataloging: Text Strings in Connexion

Purpose: To insert common elements of an OCLC record without unnecessary typing, copying or pasting.


1. Open Connexion Client and open Text Strings from the Toolbar.
a. Select Manage
b. Select Add
c. In the Description field, name the text string you are going to create.
d. In the Text field, type or paste an element/field of an OCLC record you use
frequently. Example: a command line
e. Hit the ‘OK’ button.
f. You will see your new Text String in the Current Text Strings window. You may
now close the window.

2. Open an OCLC record you are working on.

3. Place the curser where you would like the new Text String to go.

4. Then select the Drop Down Arrow next to the Text Strings icon on your toolbar.
You will see any Text Strings you have created listed by name.

5. Select the desired Text String and it will be pasted to where you had placed the curser.

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