Cataloging: Theses Submitted on Disc

Purpose: Some theses and dissertations are submitted on disc, generally with an ETD permissions form and in addition to a paper copy. This procedure provides instructions for saving theses and dissertations on disc as PDF files. This step substitutes for the step of scanning and OCRing paper theses.

(Note: Submitting a thesis on disc is not the same thing as submitting a paper thesis which includes an appendix or other material on a disc. In the latter case, the paper thesis must still be scanned and OCRed.) After this step is completed, the next step is entering the thesis metadata in Digital Commons.

Open and resave the thesis file

Open the thesis file on the disc. If the file is already a PDF, rename it using the naming convention outlined at the end of the OCR procedure and save it to the X: drive in X: > Theses > [year] > Disc. (Putting the PDFs in a separate Disc folder conveniently separates them from the files that still need to be OCRed.)

If the thesis is not in PDF format (e.g., a Word document), convert it to a PDF file first. If the thesis is saved in multiple files (e.g., separate files for title page, abstract, body of the thesis, etc.), combine the parts in the appropriate order into a single PDF.
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