Cataloging: UMI Theses

Purpose: Guidelines for copy cataloging and creating new records based on microform records for print UMI Dissertations/Theses.


UMI stands for University Microfilms International. The print version of UMI Dissertation/Thesis coming to Fogler Library is an authorized facsimile made available from the microfilm master copy of the original dissertation or master thesis through ProQuest UMI Dissertation Services. While some bib records created for these mass reproduction of UMI Dissertations/Theses are presented in OCLC and ready for downloading, a lot of the records are created for the microform formats only, which entitles new records to be created for OCLC and downloaded to URSUS.


Print Copy Records

1. Reviewing fixed fields             

Type: t Ills: refer to OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards
BLvl: m Srce: d
Desc: a Dates: 200*
ELvl: I Lang: eng / fre
Form: r Ctry: xx
Cont: abm

2. Reviewing variable fields

    100  Name, Inverted, as it appears on the title page. If there is a birth date given in the vita, add that after , $d.
100 1_ Smith, John X., $d 1962- [See bio, usually the last page of print copy]
If there is no birth date, period after the name. If there is a birth date, – after the date.

245  Title Statement as appropriate. The second indicator is the number of non-filing characters and spaces, proper nouns should be capitalized.

246  Varying Form of Title as appropriate

260  Date only. Period at end.
260  $c c2003.

300  Physical Description as appropriate. Refer to for adding illustrations.

502  Dissertation Note as appropriate. Date should be the same as in 260 and Dates in fixed fields.
502  Thesis (Ph. D.)–University of Maine, 2003.

504  Bibliography, Etc. Note as appropriate
504   Includes bibliographical references (p. 201-212).

6XX  Subject Headings as appropriate

7XX  Name/Title Added Entry as appropriate

3. Adding variable fields as needed

041   Language Code if needed
041 0_ eng $b fre

043   Geographic Area Code if applicable
043  n-cn—

050   Assign LC call number if needed
050 4_ PR9192.5 $b .C315 2003

500   General Note where necessary
500   Includes vita.

533   Reproduction Note if not presented
533   Photocopy. $b Ann Arbor, Mich. : $c University Microfilms International, $d 2005.

546   Language Note where necessary
546   Content in English, resume in French.

4. Attaching an item record.
Item location = osta
Mat type = b (book)
Item type = 1(book)
949 33 *recs-b;ov-.o;b1-b;b2-o;b3-u;bn-oro;i-37550015953939/ty-1/loc-osta/i2-

Deriving New Records from Microform Records

1. Delete 007 field
007 h $b e $d a &e m &f b024 $g b $h b $i c $j a

2. Delete $h [microform] in 245 field

3. Delete 260 field
260  Ann Arbor, Mich. : $b University Microfilms International, $c 2004.
260 Ottawa : $b Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, $c 2005.

4. Delete 300 field
300  5 microfiches.

5. Delete any 500 notes related to microform formats
500  University Microfilms order no. 31-55323.

6. Derive new record <Ctrl+Alt+C>

7. Apply constant data with fixed fields and variable fields (260, 300, 502, 533, 949 or 041, 043, 246, 500, 546 if applicable) mentioned above in the section of Print Copy Records

8. Control all headings <Shift+F11> and check in authority file if headings are not controlled

9. Check or assign LC call number based on the subject matter

10. Update the record in OCLC <F8>

11. Save to local file <F4>for later reference/editing (optional)

12. Export to URSUS <F5>
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