Cataloging: Virtual Bookplates

Purpose: To acknowledge the contributions of donors to the Fogler Library collection in the library catalog (URSUS) using a local gift note in the bibliographic record.  Also to bring patron attention to notable inscriptions in local holdings.

  • Gift materials or items purchased on restricted/gift funds that require bookplates arrive from Acquisitions. They will contain an orange flag with “bookplate” stamped on it along with one of the following:
    • an old bookplate or a “no order” slip indicating the the language to be entered in the bibliographic record (and indicating the proper rubber stamp or self-stick bookplate to be used)
    • a self-stick bookplate already applied, indicating the language to be entered in the bibliographic record
  • When cataloging the title, add a 561 field (ownership note) to the bibliographic record. CAUTION: Be sure to insert an “n” tagged note field.  Do NOT use the y tag as the field will not display to public.
  • Begin the note with the prefix “ORO:” since the record is being contributed to the System wide ILS and only our copy will have the bookplate.
  • After the prefix, follow the text as given on the old bookplate or the “no order” slip inside the book
    • Example: ORO: Gift of Katharine O’Brien.
  • Item continues on to physical processing as usual.

Gift of the author

Indexed note in the 561 field should read:

ORO: Gift of the author; autographed.

Presentation copy

Indexed note in the 561 field should read:

ORO: Presentation copy from blah. M. blah. to Boopsie.  (Case by case decision).

Some materials added to the library collection are copies signed by the author. The 561 note can be used for this designation as well.

When entering a 561 note for another gift copy of the same title, you need to distinguish which copy is which. This can be done by adding copy numbers to the notes (or vol. numbers, or issue numbers — whatever is appropriate).
Please see .b35776377 as an example of a record where this was not done

Exotic examples in URSUS

– See .b14296202 for how a copy 5 was handled. Question regarding Susan’s example above, how do we want to represent that case, since both are copy 1’s and I’m presuming we want a procedure that’s fairly exact, since we’ll be using review files to retrieve them?
– See .b36097871 for an example of a rare book that’s both a gift, and a presentation copy and has an inscription that is partially legible; .b12172637 for a common, Vickery book that’s both a gift, a copy 3 and a presentation copy with a reasonably legible inscription.
– See .b11377501 for an example of a rare book that’s a gift that has the inscription “Margaret Whyter’s Book” in the front, which was not added to the 561.
– See .b34165666 for a common, Vickery book that’s a gift that has a different, real bookplate attached, which was not mentioned in the 561 field.
– See .b38819120 for an example of electronic resource ordered on Taylor Fund. The phrasing should be consistent with its paper bookplate counterpart.
– See .b21592299 for a common, genealogical Vickery book that’s a gift, and a copy 2, as well as having a very lengthy presentation, which was foreshortened by the use of ellipses.

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