Cataloging: Cross-Linking

Purpose: To link multiple bibliographic records to a single item record when distinct publications are bound together.

Sierra Instructions

To create linkage

  1. Open Sierra client
  2. Find the bib record for the item to be linked
  3. Click the Summary icon and open the relevant item record
  4. From the menu, select Edit, then Link to Additional Bib Record
  5. If the bib record to be linked to is already open, its bib record number will appear as a selection option.  If not, select Find Bib and search for the linking bib record.

Sierra item record showing cross linking

To delete linkage:

  1. Go to the item level of the linked bib record
  2. Proceed as if you were deleting the item record
  3. Do not check the “delete bib record” box (unless you really want to do this as well)
  4. A prompt will appear stating that you cannot delete the item, but that you can delete the link.
  5. Select the “Yes” option to this prompt.

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