Binding: Examination and Decision-making Chart for Rebound Books

Add these instructions to the Instructions/Bindery box on Bindery Item forms in Able software. Some may incur extra charges*

Damage “(Water) damaged when sent”
Narrow margins “No trim – Narrow margins” *
Covers worth retaining  X Format 9K – Cover copied and laminated – no extra charge for paperbacks
Fold-outs  “Check for fold-outs”
Maps, CD/DVDs X X Specify pocket: Tyvek or Cloth *
Signatures X “Retain Sewing” *
Great covers  X “Keep front (back) cover” – will be bound in
Printed/Signed gift plate Remove and save. Write “gift plate” and name on orange slip
Special Collections Check to see that “Spec Coll” or other collection name is in first line of call #
Text block is OK, binding is spent X “New Case Only”
Great end sheets X “Save End Sheets, photocopy if necessary” * (or do inhouse to tip in later)
End sheets combine to make map “Take left end sheet from back and right end sheet from front to make one map”


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