Digitization: Digital Commons Canned Search for URSUS

Purpose:  This document outlines the steps necessary to create a canned search within Digital Commons in order to identify records of a particular nature (i.e. town reports).

1.  Access Digital Commons, Navigate to the Town Documents section via the following URL: http://digitalcommons.library.umaine.edu/towndocs/
2.  Click on Advanced Search
3.  From the All Fields drop down menu, select Subject and enter town name (i.e. Caribou Maine) in the search box
4.  Click on + to add another criteria field
5.  From the All Fields drop down menu, select Document Type and enter “report” in the search box
6.  In “Sort by” select Publication Date (NOTE: default setting points to Relevance)
7.  Click on Search

If the town name does not appear in the title of the report, from the All Fields drop down menu, select Subject and enter town name maine (i.e. Caribou Maine) in the search box.  This criteria in conjunction with an additional search line for the appropriate document type will also result in an appropriate search result set.

Once the appropriate search criteria has been developed, you will then need to update the bib record 856 field, this is accomplished by:
1.  Run the above search, on the search result screen, highlight and copy the URL
2.  Navigate to the correct record in URSUS, click on Edit to reveal the bib record fields
3.  Click on Insert, from the field lable drop down menu select the y MARC field
4.  In the two sub-field boxes, enter the following: 4 1 respectively
5.  In the text box enter |u and then paste in the URL, at the end of the URL, enter |z followed by the public note that will appear as a link in the bib record, Click on OK, Click on Save, Click on View, Public Display and click on new link to test.
6.  Any existing 856 fields need to be updated to 949 status.  When changing the existing 856 field, be sure to remove the 4 and 1 from the sub-field boxes.  Click on Save and then View, Public Display to make sure the OPAC record appears with the appropriate active link(s).
856 Field in Sierra

Public View of Digital Commons Link


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