Digitization: Generate a Finding Aid PDF from ArchivesSpace

Purpose: The following information details the steps necessary to generate PDF files of Special Collections Finding Aids from ArchivesSpace.

Generate Finding Aid PDF from ArchivesSpace

1. Go to http://archivesspace.library.umaine.edu:8080/.

2. Sign in using your account information.

3. Select Browse > Resources.

4. Enter the manuscript number (e.g., SpC MS 1745) in the search box.

5. Select “View” next to the collection title.

6. Click “Publish All.”

ArchivesSpace Publish All

7. Click “Publish All” in the pop-up dialog box.

8. Copy a portion of the manuscript title.

9. Go to Create > Background Jobs.

ArchivesSpace Background Jobs

10. Under Job Type, select Print to PDF.

11. Type or paste in the desired manuscript title and select the manuscript from the dropdown.

12. Click the blue Queue the Job button.

ArchivesSpace New Background Job

13. Allow the job to run until complete and the green “Refresh Page” button appears. (If a red button appears, notify the archivist regarding the error message.)

14. Click “Refresh Page.”

ArchivesSpace Job Status Refresh

15. In the resulting print_to_pdf Job Status page, scrolle down to Files and click “Download PDF”.

16. Change the name of the PDF to the manuscript number without spaces (e.g., SpC-MS 1745)

17. Save the file to your desk top or other desired storage location.

Delete Physical Location from PDF

Prior to uploading the PDF to the public in Digital Commons, the Physical Location of each collection noted within the Summary Information (typically on page 3) must be deleted.

  1. Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro.
  2. Click Edit > Edit Text & Images.
  3. Under Content Editing in the right menu pallet, confirm that Edit Text & Images is selected.
  4. Select the information pertaining the physical location and click delete.
  5. Save and close the PDF.

Contact: um.library.technical.services@maine.edu

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