Digitization: Piecing Documents & Reducing File Size

Purpose: To piece together oversize documents (maps and charts) into one document using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and then Adobe Acobat Proto resize .pdf files for online resource use.

I. Adobe Photoshop CS5  Piecing together documents


  • New, width 18 inches or higher
  • Height 18 inches or higher
  • Click OK for New Untitled


  • Open one document at a time
  • Click on Tab located in work area to select document

New Tab

Crop Tool Icon

Use the crop tool to crop the document to size and desired area for piecing


New Tab

  • Click on the document Tab

Marquee ToolClick on marquee tool icon and highlight document

  • Edit tab, choose copy

New Tab

  • Click on New Document select tabs
  • Edit tab, choose paste. The first document placed on New Untitled tab

Select Tool IconUse the Move Tool to position document enlarge documents using Ctrl-/+ for easier viewing to place the other document where needed

  • Repeat steps above for 2nd , 3rd documents, etc…

Crop Tool IconCrop the entire document to adjust frame size


  • “Save as” PDF
  • Save Adobe PDF box open
  • Change compatibility to: Acobat 8 (PDF 1.7)
  • Options Check: Preserve Photoshop Editing, Optimize for fast web viewing and View PDF after saving

II. Adobe Acobat Pro Steps for reducing pdf. file size


  • Print
  • Printer tab, choose Adobe PDF
  • Click on Print
  • “Save PDF As” box opens, add a letter (z) to document to change the title, click on save. This reduces the size (KB).

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