Cataloging: Hosted E-Resources

Purpose: To process and provide access to e-resources that are hosted locally on Fogler’s servers.

Receive Materials

Notice of materials received from acquisitions with attached file or indication the file has been left on the share drive at S:/Digital2Catalog

Rename File and Export Record

By convention, these files are renamed to match their bib record number. E.g., the ebook with the bib record number b48941499 would be saved as 48941499.pdf. The files are saved in Library16 > inetsupport > eresources > ebook.

Search OCLC for a matching ebook record. In the 856 field, the URL prefix will be followed by the name of the pdf file. For example, the URL for file 48941499.pdf would be Add a subfield z to the URL which reads UM Orono Access

Export the OCLC record to overlay the URSUS order bib record and test the link to ensure that the file will download correctly.

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