Serials Processing: New & Changing Periodical Titles

Purpose: To add new periodical titles and modify existing ones to reflect title changes in URSUS. Continuity will enhance user access and proper checkin, claiming, binding and shelving of issues.

Periodicals Assistant will:

  1. Search URSUS for new title. If record is found, transfer order record. Pass on to Library Specialist Periodicals (Michael) to close old and create new checkin
  2. If no record in URSUS, make title page printout and pass on to Serials Cataloger (Kim) to download record from OCLC. If no record readily available proceed with creating a minimum level record (MLR)
  3. Photocopy the title page and verso of the issue of the new title as well as any other information which might be helpful in identifying cataloging copy on OCLC. A print-out of the URSUS record (MARC bib display) of the old title is attached to the front of the photocopy if a title change.
  4. Writes the URSUS bib number of the MLR (Minimal Level Record) for the new title on the printout.
  5. Indicate if item is an “overdue” title change. (This is a title change that was not caught at the time the first issue of the new title was checked in and may only be caught by other staff after the fact during an OCLC search while handling another process.)
  6. Place photocopy with attached print-out in Kim’s mailbox, with DATE and INITIALS.
  7. Attach new checkin record to MLR bib.
  8. Transfer order record to MLR bib.
  9. Notify Kim to overlay old serial record in order to close.
  10. Inserts box in old checkin record indicating the title change to prevent any claims on wrong title. Delete any checkin boxes for forthcoming issues (ie. Status is “filled”).

Serials Library Specialist (Kim) will:

  1. Search for cataloging copy on OCLC.
  2. If no copy is found in a 2-3 month period, create an original serial record, consulting with Head of Technical Services as needed.

If copy is found

    1. At serials OCLC workstation (Kim):
      1. update for OCLC [in home position type: u <f11>
      2. delete 850 field if one is present
      3. overlay the MLR for the new title with appropriate OCLC copy, using the bib number written on the photocopy.
      4. type ov-.b_______
    2. Search for the previous title on OCLC (Kim):
      1. If closed, overlay the existing open bib record in URSUS.
      2. Create a dummy item record with location = obper Add line: 949 ov-.b——-/ty-17/loc-obper P/sta-o

NOTE: Most titles will be going to binding.

  1. Notify UMS library contacts with holdings via e-mail if necessary.
  2. Serials Cataloger returns photocopy print-out to LS Periodicals so that they can delete the check-in record attached to the old title if necessary.
  3. Serials Cataloger will create an attached holdings record for the closed record on URSUS.  Holdings are determined by looking at the check-in record. Be sure to check the holdings note above the check-in display as well as the check-in boxes themselves for complete information.
  4. Example: ORO: PER. STACKS: 1(1949)-25(1974).

Special Case: Title change for periodicals with limited retention

  1. Overlay the existing record (ov-o) for the old title with the OCLC record for the new title.


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