Binding: Preparing Issues to Send to Bindery

Purpose: To create pull slips to aid retrieval of physical serial issues in preparation for commercial binding.

Begin by logging onto Millennium Serials module (enter your logon name and password)

Reviewing file of commercially bound titles

  • Select “Binding” icon from lefthand function navigation bar
  • Under the range pulldown menu select review (for review file retrieval)
  • in next pulldown window find and select file “ORO Binding NO JSTOR Status” (will need to scroll through long list)
  • Click Start button

Work through the review file, title by title.  In the checkin display, the program will have darkened boxes that it believes are ready for binding. Adjust the issues to be bound, if necessary, by highlighting the correct boxes.

Incomplete volumes

More and more of our subscriptions are available to us in both print and online format.  If you see that there are unbound units with only 1 or 2 issues with “missing” or “not received” status AND the title is available as an online subscription, go ahead and bind the unit.  When preparing the binding unit, insert the online available sheet for the missing item.  If you find that several issues are missing in a given unit, please consult Sharon before proceeding. [5/13/09 sqf]

TIP: In determining what to retrieve, always leave at least one partial volume on the physical shelf.  So for example, if the only physical items ready to pull would constitute as much as one complete bound volume, leave that volume for next time. 5/12/09 update: For high frequency journals (weekly or bi-monthly) leave no more than three months on the shelf. 

Printing pull slip

  • When done reviewing checkin boxes, hit the print pullslip button
  • A dialogue box pops up.  First time you will need to set the following parameters
    • Check that Print Now radio button is on; If Copies to Bind is set at ‘0’, change it to ‘1’; Click OK
    • Highlight “local printer” from pulldown menu; Click print
    • Select Local Printer “LIBRARY11\SERIALS”
    • Click OK again to return to record
  • Select “Next record” button

TIP: If any irregularities in the issue run, best to note title and set aside for a closer look later after running the full file.

It is possible to stop the review midstream and return to where you left off by noting last title but be aware that issues can be checked in at any time and will impact the content of the checkin records.  Best practice is for a fairly quick turnaround

Q: Timetable pattern to establish? Weekly is ideal.  Sometimes find it is more efficient to check issues by eye to determine bindable units given publishing changes in thickness.

Examples of “library has” statement:

  1. Normal – Per. Stacks: 1(1887)-198(1988)
    Action: Print pull slip for commercial binding
  2. Microfiche 1(1901)+
    Action: Fiche only kept. Do not print pull slip.
  3. Microfilm: 1(1901)+
    “NOTE: Library also keeps latest 3 years in periodical stacks”
    Action: Print pull slip for in-house binding
  4. Microfiche 1(1901)+
    “NOTE: Library also keeps latest three years on shelf in curr. per. stacks”
    Action: Do not print pull slip

If no “library has” statement, this is probably a new title. Ask Head of Collections if this title should be bound.

Student Assistant will take slips to the Current Periodicals Room to pull the physical issues designated by the slips and return to Binding L.A. for step of checking out to the bindery.


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