Binding: Protecting Playbooks

Purpose: The small books of plays from Samuel French, Dramatists Play Service, Dramatic Publishing (and others) need to be covered in Kapco covers to protect them if not plastic-coated already.

The play books needing Kapco covers applied are delivered to a shelf in Technical Services from both the Cataloging Dept. and the Acquisitions Dept. already cataloged and already stripped, plated, and barcoded.

1. Apply Kapco Easy Bind covers. Make sure only one layer of plastic covers the barcode so that it can be read easily.
2. Hinge inside the front and back covers with Easy Bind II hinging tape.
The Kapco Company has supplied a video that demonstrates this process.
3.Deliver to the Reference Dept. office.

Plays already cataloged and processed  from YPB which have plastic-coated covers go directly to the profiled preview shelves (or a few go to the Reference Dept.) via Jane DeWitt.

Their item status is made “-“ (available) by her rapid update program.

Note: Until recently (fall 2008) almost all play books needed to be covered in Kapco. Now two of the three major play publishers are using plastic-coated covers on all their plays.  Deb Rollins decided that the plastic-coated covers did not need to be additionally Kapco-covered, but  we should monitor repairs of play books for 1)  plastic-coated covers becoming ragged in spite of the plastic-coated cover, or 2)  play books with plastic coated covers that are stapled but  become detached because they don’t have the added support of the hinges. If the numbers are large in either of those categories, then we should again apply Kapco to virtually all play books. Exceptions are 1) small play books that are more than 1/2 inch thick, and 2) play books whose size, though thin, is larger than approx. 21 cm x13 cm.


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