Binding: Shipping via UPS

Purpose: To describe the process for preparing and sending bindery items via UPS to Acme Binding (HF Group), as of July 2016.

Because we no longer send periodicals or theses out for binding on a regular basis, these instructions apply when enough items have been accumulated to meet the HF Group order minimum of 50 volumes. At this time, once a year is the expected frequency.

I. Items to be Bound

  1. Periodicals from Special Collections
  2. Other periodicals by special request
  3. Repair books
  4. Graduate School
    1. Graduate Board minutes and abstracts
    2. Occasionally a thesis will be in print only

II. Packing and Paperwork

  1. Boxes are usually packed in the 3rd floor hallway.
    1. Boxes should be packed tightly with ample packing paper,  then securely taped. Leave one box open for the Shipment Summary.
    2. Mark out any previous labels with a wide marker
    3. Each box should have an adhesive label on the end showing box number and contents
  2. Fill out a Shipment Summary for the entire shipment if all is one account number
    1. Use triplicate form and keep carbons, or print out Acme form and make a copy to file.
    2. Place original on top of materials in one of the boxes, mark S on the outside label, tape up.
  3. As a rule, estimate weight at 32 lbs.  May occasionally need to weigh if boxes seem heavier (box scale in mail room).
  4. Log into UPS online at the Create a Shipment page:
    1. Select HF Group from Address Book dropdown. Address should populate.
    2. Check “Ship From Address” and “Contact.” Edit if necessary
    3. Fill in number of packages. (Yes) for all the same details, (No) to enter individually
      1. Packaging Type: Other
      2. Fill in weight or estimated average weight of 32 lbs.
      3. Skip the rest of this section
    4. Use UPS Ground Service to ship, no additional services
    5. Add Account Number 72500 in Reference Box
    6. IMPORTANT: Payment Method: Change drop-down to “Bill the Receiver”
      1. Fill in HF Group’s Account # and Zip Code 02129
    7. Skip “Schedule a Pickup”, check “Review Shipping Details” box, Click Next
    8. Review and Ship
    9. Print out shipping labels
    10. Print receipt which includes  tracking numbers.  File receipt with other bindery paperwork for this shipment
  5. Tape shipping labels side by side with Box Contents labels, keeping the numbering 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc  consistent with both labels.  Remove or black out previous labels
  6. Move boxes to mail room – leave out in the lobby on the green palette cart. Attach a paper sign requesting UPS pickup



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