NAACP & Civil Rights in Maine Oral History Project Now Available

Interviews with 13 individuals gathered 1990-1991 on the topic of the NAACP and Civil Rights in Maine are now accessible online.  The collection is available in the Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History section of our ArchivesSpace database, and links have been added to the library’s URSUS Catalog.  Each interview includes a complete transcript and audio files.  These interviews were gathered by Charles Lumpkins, and those interested in this topic may also want to consult his 1992 thesis, Civil Rights Activism in Maine from the 1940s to 1971: Black Mainers, Black and White Activists, and the Resistance Against Racism, and his article in Maine History, “Civil-Rights in Maine, 1945-1971,” Volume 36, nos. 3-4 (Winter-Spring, 1997): 70-86.

For more information or assistance accessing these materials, contact Special Collections at 207.581.1686 or  We also regularly update our online Guide to the NAFOH Collection to provide a list of collections that are now available online.

Banner image:  This NAACP logo was an illustration for Lumpkin’s 1997 article in Maine History, page 81.