Big news in 1986: Library to become computerized

So much of today’s environment is digital that it’s hard to believe it has been less than 40 years since the libraries of the University of Maine system were linked to share a computer system.  This article caught Paul Smitherman’s eye as he was posting issues of the Maine Campus newspaper to DigitalCommons@UMaine.  He says, “the article discusses the advent of computer systems in the library, describing, ‘a proposed computer that stores library records on tape, then ties the information between each campus library via telephone lines will be going before the voters.’ The referendum question sought $1.6 million for library automation. Adjusted for inflation, this would be roughly $4.5 million in 2023.”

The full article is available in the October 9, 1986 issue of Maine Campus in DigitalCommons@UMaine.  For more information, contact the Special Collections and Projects Department by email at or phone 1.207.581.1686.