1-7 Ordering for Special Collections

Purpose: General information for Special Collections firm orders.

  • Special Collections orders: Maine-related material, or books by Maine authors.
  • Duplicate copies of books are often ordered for Special Collections (one circulating copy and one non-circulating copy). Make sure that any duplicate order is intentional, however.


  • Maine authors are often an order source for their own titles
  • Many books are ordered from small organizations or individuals who don’t accept credit cards. Instead, we often have to pay by check which sometimes makes the order process take a little longer than usual. Remember that if we have not ordered from a particular person or organization before, we often have to obtain a W-9 form before we can set them up as a vendor and pay them.
  • Amazon and Abebooks have become more frequent resources for some Special Collections orders. If purchased from Amazon, the pcard (not our Amazon corporate card) must be used because Special Collections orders are typically paid from gift accounts.
  • Lulu.com is a self-publishing website. We will sometimes order large quantities of books  from this site. Look out for coupons or discounts at checkout. Use pcard.
  • Ebay: Ephemera, diaries and ledgers, and rare books are often for sale here using the “Buy it now” or auction options. The Special Collections libarian must provide a ceiling price for auction purchases. Use our pcard for ebay purchases. Note: In some instances, Ebay sellers have been sources of other materials that we may be interested in.

When we receive rare materials for Special Collections, please remember to handle them with care. Most are old and fragile states. Put a Special Collections flag and a Taylor gift plate in each item and place on a designated shelf in Cataloging for pickup by Special Collections.