9-3 RA61, NRC Canada account

Purpose: To facilitate the purchase of Canadian material for Fogler Library from the National Resource Center (NRC) on Canada grant.

  • New grant funds are available in October. Contact the Canadian-American Center for the exact amount (note: they will not contact us first, we need to initiate contact). The funds must be spent by August 15th of the following year.
  • Enter the current year’s amount into Ra61 in Sierra (see: Fund Adjustments). Make sure to zero out the previous years expenditures (but not encumbrances).
  • Titles purchased from this grant have to be Canadian publications and pertain to Canada.
  • Order and invoice using the fund code ra61 in Sierra. Do NOT use this fund code for orders unrelated to this grant.
  • Order from Gobi and Proquest (Coutts) only (see specific ordering procedures for each)
  • When the fund is spent and all orders are received, compile all invoices from Gobi and Proquest that list these purchases and total the amounts from each vendor
  • Request a deposit invoice in those respective amounts from each vendor. These invoices will be paid for from this grant account (essentially replacing the funds that were used from our deposit accounts). Chartfield information for this grant account is available from the Canadian-American Center directly.
  • Once the deposit invoices are paid, send copies of the deposit invoices, as well as copies of all titles purchased, to the Canadian-American Center.
  • Make sure to monitor the progress of the fund periodically throughout the year. It is generally a good idea to have the majority of orders submitted to Gobi and Proquest by the end of March to ensure that they are all received by the summer.