9-3 NRC Grant purchases (ra61)

Purpose: To facilitate the purchase of Canada-related materials through the National Resource Center on Canada grant (NRC grant)

  • The NRC grant is a yearly grant that spans from August 16th to August 15th of the following year.
  • The grant amount, the Mainestreet chart field information, and the FAST translation account number changes every year.
  • On August 16th, contact the Canadian-American Ctr for the grant amount and chart field information for the upcoming year.
  • Give the Mainestreet chart field information to the library financial manager. They will obtain a FAST account number.
  • In the external fund table in Sierra, replace the old FAST account number with the new one (See: 4-2 Funds: Adding/editing external fund account numbers)
  • Zero out expenditures from the previous year and update appropriation if necessary (See: 4-3 Fund adjustments). Leave encumbrances as is.
  • Ordering and invoicing for the new grant year can begin using fund code ra61.
  • Books are primarily purchased through Proquest (formerly Coutts). Databases from other vendors are sometimes purchased.
  • Save copies of all invoices for the current grant year in a SharePoint folder along with a spreadsheet listing all of these invoices. When spending for a grant year is complete, forward this file to the Can-Am Ctr for their own record keeping.