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William S. Cohen Papers | House Judiciary Nelson A. Rockefeller Confirmation

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MS Nelson A. Rockefeller Vice Presidential Confirmation Records 1974 4 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. On December 19, 1974, Rockefeller was sworn in as vice president of the United States, succeeding Gerald R. Ford, who assumed the presidency upon Nixon's resignation. Records include transcripts of proceedings, news clippings, and background information on the House Judiciary Committee investigation and confirmation of the nomination of Nelson A. Rockefeller to be Vice President.

Index of Rockefeller Nomination Hearings, 1974, 2 folders.
Rodino re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Transcript of Rockefeller nomination, 1974, 4 folders.
Ada Ryan re: Rockefeller, 1974.
American Conservative Union re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Arthur Eve re: Rockefeller, 1974, 2 folders.
Bella Abzug re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Council re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Curtis Dall re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Dr. Maurice Dawkins re: Gerald Ford, 1974.
G. Domhoff and Charles Schwartz re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Howard Robison re: Rockefeller, 1974.
J. Dilworthe re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Jeanne Mirer re: Rockefeller, 1974.
John Anderson re: Rockefeller, 1974.
John Rhodes re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Joseph Rauh re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Lyn Marcus re: Rockefeller, 1974.
National Association for Justice re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Probing the Rockefeller Fortune, 1974.
Questions about Room 5600, 1974.
Rev. Kenneth Lee re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Rockefeller Questions and Answers, 1974, 9 folders.
Shirley Chisolm re: Rockefeller, 1974.
Statement by Laurence Rockefeller, 1974, 2 folders.
Statement by Nelson Rockefeller, 1974, 3 folders.
Status Report of Rockefeller, 1974.
Summary and Index of Hearing, 1974, 3 folders.
Summary of Proposed Trust of Rockefeller, 1974.
William Ronan re: Rockefeller, 1974.
CBS Report:"The Rockefellers", 1974.
Rockefeller, WSC notes, 1974, 3 folders.
A Study in the Power of Money, 1974.
Analysis of Public Record of Rockefeller, 1974, 2 folders.
Clippings on Rockefeller, 1974.
Cohen's Statements during Rockefeller Proceedings, 1974.
Hearings on Rockefeller Nomination, 1974.
IBEC Write-Up, 1974.
Information re: Rockefeller hearing, 1974, 4 folders.
Information relating to L. Judson Morhouse, 1974, 4 folders.
Memoranda on the Attica Prison Disturbance, 1974, 2 folders.
Memoranda re: New York conflict of interest, 1974.
Memoranda re: Rockefeller Financial Affairs and Investments, 1974.
Questions for Laurence Rockefeller, 1974.
Rockefeller Financial Group, 1974.
Statements re: Rockefeller, 1974, 3 folders.
A Baker's Nickel Manuscript, 1974.
Analysis of Public Record of Rockefeller, 1974.
Debate on Rockefeller Nomination, 1974.
Exam of Rockefeller's Tax Returns and Financial Record, 1974.
Hearings on Rockefeller Nomination, 1974, 2 folders.
Positions of Rockefeller, 1974.

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