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William S. Cohen Papers | Office Administration 1973-1978, Correspondence

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MS General Correspondence 1973-1978 6 boxes

Arranged chronologically. The Cohen office received mail from constituents that fell into four general categories: legislative issues, personal difficulties constituents were having in dealing with the Federal government, scheduling issues, and general mail. The legislative mail went to the legislative assistants to answer, the mail dealing with personal difficulties went to the office caseworker, mail dealing with Cohen's schedule went to his personal secretary, and the general mail was parceled out by the administrative assistant to various members of the Cohen staff to answer. This subseries consists of general mail, and it contains copies of letters sent to constituents expressing congratulations, sympathy, and thanks. Responses to requests for information about issues, copies of bills, Cohen's biographical information, and other general requests are also included.

Folder Titles

Congratulations to others, anniversaries, etc. 1973-1974 2 folders
Congratulations 1975
Constituent relations 1975 6 folders
Miscellaneous requests 1975 5 folders
Congratulations 1976
Constituent relations 1976 6 folders
Sympathy 1976
Thank you letters 1975-1976 2 folders
Congratulations 1977
Constituent relations 1977 14 folders
Requests 1977 2 folders
Sympathy 1977
Thank you letters 1977 6 folders
Congratulations 1978
Constituent relations, arms sales 1978
Constituent relations, congratulations to Cohen 1978
Constituent relations, congratulations to others 1978
Constituent relations, equal rights, energy, gun control 1978
Constituent relations, foreign policy 1978
Constituent relations, form responses 1978
Constituent relations, human rights 1978
Constituent relations, Indian land claims, internal security 1978
Constituent relations, Middle East 1978
Constituent relations, Miscellanous topics 1978 8 folders
Constituent relations, Panama 1978 3 folders
Constituent relations, requests 1978 2 folders
Constituent relations, thank you letters 1978 2 folders
Constituent relations, trade 1978
Constituent relations, Trilaterial Commission, voting record 1978
Constituent relations, visits 1978
Constituent relations, world food reserve 1978
Constituent relations, world peace tax 1978
Daffron correspondence 1978
Republicans, state correspondence 1976-1978
Staffing 1978
Thank you letters 1978
Yellow carbon paper copies of correspondence 1978


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