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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Committee on Aging, Health, and Social Services

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MS Aging, Health, and Social Services 1974-1996 32 boxes

Cohen was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Aging from 1975-1979, and a member of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging from 1979-1997. The records in this series reflect Cohen's service on both of these committees. The Senate Committee on Aging serves as a focal point for the study and review of the problems of older Americans pertaining to health, income, employment, housing, etc. It also conducts oversight of programs and investigates reports of fraud and waste. The Committee does not have legislative authority, but it often submits its findings and recommendations for legislation to Congress. While on the Aging Committee, Cohen worked for more stringent health and safety standards in nursing homes, spoke out on the long-term care crisis, worked to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and led a number of investigations into health care fraud and abuse issues.

The records in this series are not only directly related to Cohen's service on the House and Senate Aging Committees, but to related health and social issues as well. Files are arranged into five broad subdivisions which reflect the work of the staff members (both members of Cohen's personal staff and the staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging) who created them. The subdivisions are a) Cynthia Hilton, 1974-1983, b) Mary Gerwin and Priscilla Hanley, 1982-1996, c) Helen Albert and Victoria Blatter, 1990-1996, d) Winthrop Cashdollar, 1982-1996, and e) Michael Townsend, 1988-1996.

Access to some of the records in the Aging, Health and Social Services series is restricted. See information at the subseries level. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

MS Cynthia Hilton 1974-1983 11 boxes

Cynthia Hilton was a member of Cohen's staff from 1973-1997, and worked mostly on health and aging issues. James Dykstra, who worked with Senator Cohen from 1979-1991, handled health and aging issues circa 1980, and some of his files are also found here.

Records in this subseries fall into two broad categories: Legislation, and Committee Hearings.

Legislation Cohen either introduced or co-sponsored, 1974-1983, 5 boxes.

Arranged alphabetically by subject. Files deal with adolescent pregnancy, continuing care contracts, home health standards, and the rights of nursing home patients. Records consist of memos, copies of bills, Cohen's statements, and correspondence.

Folder Titles

Adolescent pregnancy, H.R. 2314 1977-1978
Adolescent pregnancy 1977-1982
Age discrimination 1977-1978
Aging 1979-1982
Aging, demographics 1978-1980
Aging, general information 1978-1982
Aging, retirement 1977
Byssinosis, H.R. 3480 1976-1977
Career education, H.R. 710 1977
Compensated involuntary retirement, H.R. 5573 1977
Continuing care contracts, H.R. 807 1976-1977 4 folders
Continuing care contracts, H.R. 807 1978 2 folders
Crime victim compensation 1976-1982
Data on elderly, H. Con. Res. 343 1977-1978
Disability 1983
Education of elderly, H.R. 2398 1975-1979
Elderly, attorney fees, H.R. 2026 1976
Elderly property tax, H.R. 9636 1973-1977
Energy and the elderly 1980-1982 2 folders
Health Care Financing Administration: hospital liability 1983-1984
Health education, H.R. 3205 1974-1975 2 folders
Home Health Agency 1982
Home health standards 1977 3 folders
Housing 1979
Independent living centers, H.R. 6577 1977
Life Safety Code 1974-1980
Maine Turnpike independent living centers, H.R. 11733 1978
Nursing home patient ombudsman program, H.R. 11594 1978 2 folders
Nursing homes 1982
Old-age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) report by Joel M. Greenberg 1978
Older Americans Act, H.R. 10482 1978
Patients Bill of Rights Amendment, H.R. 7407 1974-1980
Periodic Physical Exam Act, H.R. 5845 1977
Railroad Crossing Safety Act 1973
Resources for the elderly 1978-1982 2 folders
Rural elderly 1978-1982
Social Security, actuarial increase in benefits, H.R. 8006 1977-1979
Social Security, aliens, prisoners 1980-1983
Social Security, amendments 1983
Social Security, cost of living adjustment 1982
Social Security, disability legislation, H.R. 3236 1979-1980
Social Security, future: background info 1981
Social Security, general 1982
Social Security, general 1983
Social Security, guide books 1982
Social Security, international 1981
Social Security, refinancing bill 1977
Social Security, unified budget 1982
Social Security, women 1982
Staff list, Select Committee on Aging 1977
State Social Security Deposit Act 1979
Statistics 1980
Student benefits 1981-1982
Supplemental security income 1982
Surviving Spouse Civil Service Retirement Annuities, S. 628 1974
Taxation 1982
Transportation, reduced fares, H.R. 2401 1977
Trustees report 1982
Universal coverage 1980

Aging Committee hearings, 1977-1981, 6 boxes.

Arranged chronologically. These files record Aging Committee hearings, and they consist of briefing memos, statements of witnesses, news clippings, and newsletters from special interest groups. Subjects covered include education, counseling, Medicaid, home health care, and energy assistance.

Folder Titles

Elderly Crime Victims Compensation, New York February 16, 1977
Education and training in aging March 4, 1977
Counseling of the elderly, Dallas, Texas March 7, 1977
Retirement age policies March 16-17, 1977
Fragmentation of services for elderly April 7, 1977
Medicaid cutbacks, Subcommittee on Health April 22, 1977 2 folders
Alternatives to retirement, Subcommittee on Retirement Income May 10-11, 1977
Active Americans over 65 May 25, 1977
Adult care homes June 8, 1977 2 folders
Weather disasters and the elderly June 29, 1977 2 folders
Adult care homes June 29, 1977
Full committee business meeting July 13, 1977
White House meeting by Select Committee on Aging with President Carter July 15, 1977
Hypertension July 21, 1977
Older American programs oversight August 3, 1977
Older Americans Act and minority elderly, Los Angeles August 23, 1977
Impact of Older Americans Act on minority elderly August 23, 1977
Age stereotyping and the media September 8, 1977
Older Americans programs oversight September 15, 1977
Medicare gaps, Health Subcommittee October 18, 1977 2 folders
Age stereotyping and commercials January 26, 1978
Crime and elderly, joint full committee and science and technology February 1, 1978
Aging Committee business meeting February 2, 1978
House Select Committee on Aging February 6, 1978
Home care for the elderly February 22, 1978
Home care and income problems of the elderly February 23, 1978
Hearing on President's budget March 2, 1978
Senate Aging Committee, standards in home health care April 17, 1978
Health management organizations and the elderly May 2, 1978
Future of health care and the elderly May 17, 1978 2 folders
Demographics of the aging May 24, 1978
Alternatives to institutionalization, Washington State June 16, 1978
Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Ways and Means, Omnibus Medicare June 19, 1978
Poverty among America's aged August 9, 1978
Home health agencies August 10, 1978
Medicare amendments report August 31, 1978
Fraud and racketeering in Medicare and Medicaid October 4, 1978
Sale of health insurance to the elderly November 28, 1978
Nursing home standards December 8, 1978
Medicare supplemental insurance, S. 395 February 8, 1979
Medicare home health amendments February 26, 1979
Geriatric Medicine, S. 711 March 21, 1979
Executive session, Aging Committee March 28, 1979
Food Stamp cutbacks April 11, 1979
Fires in homes for aging May 4, 1979
Home care services May 7 and 21, 1979
Home health care May 21, 1979 2 folders
Fire safety code, S. 1267 June 4, 1979
Medicare card reduced rate transportation, S. 1269 June 4, 1979
Mental equity, S. 1289 June 6, 1979
Meals on Wheels Week, S.J. Res. 85 June 6, 1979
Medigap (Pepper), S. 1295 June 7, 1979
Fire safety code update, S. 1387 June 21, 1979
Executive Session, Aging Committee July 25, 1979
Energy assistance August 30, 1979
Regulations to implement the Comprehensive Older Americans Act October 18, 1979 2 folders
Adapting Social Security to a changing workforce November 28, 1979 2 folders
Rural elderly housing January 9, 1980 2 folders
Organizational meeting, Aging Committee February 25, 1980
Older American regulations March 24, 1980
Work after age 65 April 24, 1980
Family Care Demonstration Project, S. 2603 April 24, 1980
Work after 65: Options for the '80s April 24, 1980
How old is old? April 28 and 30, 1980 2 folders
Work after 65: Options for the '80s May 13, 1980
Work after age 65 May 13, 1980
Elder abuse May 28, 1980
Energy assistance for the elderly, impact, briefing book 1980
Social Security, What Changes? September 16, 1980
Energy and the elderly October 24, 1980 2 folders
Social Security financing November 21, 1980
Social Security December 3, 1980 3 folders
Older women and estate tax policies February 4, 1981
Executive Meeting, Aging Committee February 26, 1981
Impact of budget on elderly March 20, 1981
Budget cuts and elderly March 27, 1981
Energy and the elderly April 9, 1981

MS Mary Gerwin and Priscilla Hanley 1990-1996 4 boxes

Mary Gerwin was the staff director for the Aging Committee from 1991-1997. She was also Counsel to the Subcommittee on the Oversight of Government Management for the Governmental Affairs Committee from 1981-1986, and minority staff director of this Subcommittee from 1987-1991. Priscilla Hanley handled health and aging issues in 1990 as a legislative assistant, and was the staff member for health on the Aging Committee from 1995-1997.

Records in this subseries consist of the records of the Aging Committee, and they include hearing record books (1 box, 1993-1996), administrative records (1 box, 1991-1996), and selected documents from the Aging and Governmental Affairs Committees which deal with Social Security Disability and Medicare fraud and abuse (2 boxes, 1982-1992).

Access to records in this series is restricted until 2017. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

MS Helen Albert and Victoria Blatter 1990-1996 5 boxes

Helen Albert was the Chief Investigator for the Senate Aging Committee from 1992-1997. Victoria Blatter was on the Aging Committee staff from 1992-1997, and handled issues such as prescription drugs and nursing homes.
Files are arranged alphabetically, and they consist of the many investigative hearings and reports Albert and Blatter compiled on issues of fraud, abuse, and related health and aging topics. A report issued by Cohen in 1994 entitled Gaming the Health Care System is also included.

Access to some of the records in this series is restricted until 2017. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

MS Winthrop Cashdollar 1982-1996 8 boxes

Winthrop Cashdollar worked with Cohen circa 1983-1990 on education, aging, health and welfare issues. This subseries also contains some contributions from Elizabeth Liess and John Veroneau.

Files are arranged alphabetically, according to broad subject areas. Materials consist of one box of general records on aging, two boxes on health issues, three boxes on Social Security issues, and two boxes on welfare. Records deal with issues such as income, age discrimination, social security disability, welfare reform, child-care issues, and health care reform.

Access to some of the records in this series is restricted until 2017. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

MS Michael Townsend 1988-1995 4 boxes

This subseries consists of U.S. Senate Aging Committee press materials. Michael Townsend was the assistant press secretary for Senator Cohen from June 1993 until January 1995. He was the press secretary for the Aging Committee from 1993-1995, and he compiled many of the files found in this subseries.

Files are arranged alphabetically, and they include an information guide for senior citizens, newsclippings, press releases, Cohen's statements, and memos and correspondence. Many of the memos are directed to various media representatives to inform them about Aging Committee hearings and investigations. There are also files on health care fraud and health care reform, Medicare, mental illness, and Social Security.

Access to some of the records in this sub series is restricted until 2016. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

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