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William S. Cohen Papers | Legislative Materials, Fisheries, 1974-1981

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MS Michael Hastings and Timothy Woodcock, 1974-1981, 5 boxes.

Michael Hastings worked with Cohen from 1973-1980 on fisheries issues, as well as defense and foreign relations. Timothy Woodcock worked on fisheries issues circa 1980. (He also worked with Cohen on the Maine Indian land claims case and the Iran-Contra Committee). There are also some files in this category created by William Stelle.

Files are arranged alphabetically, and they deal with bluefin tuna legislation, the East Coast Fisheries and Boundary Treaties with Canada, and the Marine Fisheries Conservation and Management Fund Act of 1974 (introduced by Cohen as H.R. 15163). Files on the establishment of the New England Fishery Management Council, off-shore drilling on Georges Bank, and foreign fishing off the U.S. Coast are also found in this category .

Records consist of Cohen's correspondence with the Department of Commerce on behalf of the fishing industry, newsletters and correspondence from the Maine Fisherman's Cooperative Association and the Maine Lobsterman's Association, news clippings, press releases, and briefing memos.

Folder Titles

American Fisheries Promotion Act 1980-1981
Bluefin tuna legislation: testimony, reports 1981 3 folders
Canadian fishery resources, general 1977-1982
Cohen statements on fisheries 1977-1978 2 folders
East Coast boundary dispute 1979-1982 5 folders
East Coast boundary dispute, species chart 1979
East Coast Fishery Agreement 1980 2 folders
East Coast Fishery Agreement 1980-1982 5 folders
Fisheries 1974-1977 3 folders
Fisheries 1977-1979
Fisheries and logbooks 1977-1979 3 folders
Fisheries communications 1972-1978 3 folders
Fisheries development, S.1656 1979
Fishermen and the IRS 1974-1976 2 folders
Fishery funds 1979
Fishery issues 1977-1979
Fishery legislation, "An Overview of Legislation...U.S. Marine Fisheries Policy" 1980
Fishery legislation passed, 97th Congress 1981-1982
Foreign fishing and 200 Mile Zone Law 1975-1979
Fundy Pride Vessel Project 1976-1982
George's Bank, offshore drilling 2 folders
Groundfish Management Plan for New England 1981-1982
Groundfish regulations 1978-1979 2 folders
Gulf of Maine Boundary Dispute, background 1979-1981 2 folders
Lobster management and draft plan 1977-1978 2 folders
Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Compensation Act 1981
Longshoremen's Compensation Act, H.R. 25 1981
Loran radionavigation system 1978
Maine Marine Law Institute 1980
Marine Fisheries Conservation and Management Act Fund 1974-1975
Miller Swordfish Case 1980-1981
New England fish marketing 1980
New England fisheries development 1981
New England Fishery Management Council 1978-1981
New England fishing economics, prices 1980-1981
Northwest Fisherman's Association-Canadian trade 1979
Red tide and the crab industry 1974-1983
State Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act 1981
Tariff schedules 1980-1981
Testimonies: impact on border state industry, U.S.-Canada trade policies 1981
Trade agreements, North America 1981
Trade hearing, opening statement 1981
U.S.-Canadian relations, general 1981
U.S.-Canadian trade issues, fishing 1978-1981 2 folders
U.S.-Canadian trade policies, correspondence 1981
Washington County Vocational Technical Institute 1981
Whiting Development 1979

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