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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Legislative Materials, Fisheries, 1981-1984

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MS Jeffrey Kaelin, 1981-1984, 12 boxes.

Jeffrey Kaelin worked on fisheries issues from 1981-1984. Robert Porter and Robert Umphrey also contributed to the files in this category. The files are arranged alphabetically, and they document the formulation of the Anadromous Fish Conservation Act, (S. 3123, introduced by Senator Cohen in 1982), and amendments to the Magnuson Fishery and Conservation Management Act. Other topics covered include the 1984 International Court of Justice settlement of the Georges Bank boundary dispute, the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, and efforts to improve the New England Fishery Management Council. Files on the lobster, scallop, dogfish, and sardine fishing industries are also found in this category.

Records consist of reports from the GAO, correspondence with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA), copies of bills, and research reports from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Folder Titles

Agricultural Export Equity and Market Expansion Act 1983
Anadromous Fish Conservation Act 1980
Anadromous Fish Conservation Act 1982
Anadromous Fish Conservation Act 1982-1983 2 folders
Anadromous Fish Conservation Act, background 1982
Anadromous Fish Conservation Act, bill drafts 1982
Anadromous Fish Law Memo 1979-1983
Aquaculture 1979-1983
Associated Fisheries of Maine 1983
Atlantic Salmon Convention Act 1982
Atlantic salmon, St. John River 1983-1984
Bankruptcy and fishermen 1983
Belon oysters in Maine 1984
Bigelow Lab 1983
Canadian Fisheries Agreement, briefing 1980
Canadian-U.S. boundary disputes 1980
Canadian fish subsidies 1980-1982
Canadian fishing assistance 1982
Canadian-U.S. Treaty, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing 1980 2 folders
Capital construction fund for fishery processing facilities 1982-1984
Casco Bay Rescue Association 1984-1985
Clams, management 1983-1984
Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act 1979-1982
Commodity Credit Corporation, Food for Peace Program, fish 1980-1984
"Conditions of Competition..." hearing September 1984
Countervailing Duties Petitions 1982
Deep seabed mining 1979-1985
Dogfish market 1982-1983
Eastern boundary, geographical maps and reports 1983
Energy and tax credits 1981-1982
Energy conservation tax credits 1980-1983
Exclusive Economic Zones Bill 1982-1985 3 folders
Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) 1983-1984
Fish net tariffs 1981-1984
Fish related press releases 1984
Fish Restoration and Managment Projects Act 1981
Fish restoration in Maine 1983
Fish trade, background info 1981-1985 2 folders
Fish waste processing 1984
Fisheries associations 1983
Fisheries Loan Fund 1983
Fisheries Obligation Guarantee Program 1982-1984
Fisheries products inspections 1983
Fisheries Technology Service, Maine 1983-1984
Fisheries Trade Investigation 1982-1983 2 folders
Fisherman Economics Survey 1982
Fisherman's Contingency Fund 1983
Fishermen's Protective Act 1981
Fishery Conservation and Management Act 1981
Fishery legislation, 98th Congress 1983-1984
Fishing development, marketing, and distribution 1983
Fishing industry, miscellaneous issues and papers 1981-1984
Fishing industry organizations 1977-1979
Fishing Vessel and Gear Damage Compensation Fund 1981-1982
Friends of Animals, fishing restrictions 1984
Fuel tax exemption for fishermen 1983
Gear conflicts 1983
George's Bank 1984-1986
George's Bank, International Court of Justice 1984-1985 3 folders
Green Lake hatchery-hydroelectric project 1984
Groundfish landing reports, interim rules 1982-1983
Groundfish, scallop investigation: conditions of competition 1984
Gulf of Maine Boundary Dispute 1984
Gulf of Maine Boundary Dispute, Woodcock memos 1981-1983 2 folders
Gulf of Maine, George's Bank Dispute 1982
Habitat conservation, National Marine Fisheries Service 1983-1984
Health and benefits issues for seafarers 1981-1983
Herring-Food and Drug Administration 1984
Herring management plans 1983-1984
Illegal fish trade 1979-1981
International joint ventures 1983-1984 2 folders
International Marine Scientific Research Act 1983
Jellyfish Control Act-Slime 1982
Kirby Report, articles 1983 3 folders
Labeling imported fish products 1984
Law of the Sea 1979-1983 4 folders
Law of the Sea 1982-1984 4 folders
Lobster management 1982-1984 3 folders
Lobster measurement 1983-1985
Lobstermen associations 1983
Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MFCMA), amendments 1981
Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MFCMA), amendments 1982-1983
Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MFCMA), hearings, testimonies 1982 3 folders
Maine Fishermen's Forum 1984
Maine Groundfish Association 1984
Maine Marine Sanctuaries 1982-1983 3 folders
Marine Mammal Protection Act waivers 1984
National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere (NACOA), reports 1983-1984
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), budget 1982-1983
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), proposed rules 1982-1983
National Ocean Policy Study (NOPS) 1981
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), budget 1984 2 folders
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), A-76 Circular, Contracting Out 1983
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization (NOAO), reorganization 1983 3 folders
National Oceans Policy Commission 1983
National Sea Products Limited (NatSea) 1984
New England Fisheries Development Foundation 1983-1984
New England Fisheries Management Council 1982-1984 2 folders
North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) 1981-1985 3 folders
Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Organization 1983
Oceanic charts 1984
Optimum yield, fisheries 1982
Pigeon Hill Bay, Army Corps of Engineers 1984
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) fish contamination 1983
Port of Eastport 1982
Portland Fish Pier 1981-1984 2 folders
Recreational fisheries, boating and fishing opportunities 1983-1985
Reciprocal oyster standards, U.S.-France 1981-1983
Red tide 1981-1984
Remote sensing capabilities 1981-1982
Salmon genetics and responses 1982-1983
Salt cod 1984-1985
Saltonstall Kennedy funds 1979-1984
Sardine processors, correspondence and materials 1982
Sardine processors, guidelines, background 1980-1981
Sardine processors, press clips 1982
Sardines 1983 2 folders
Scallops 1982-1984
Scallops, U.S. 1979-1982 2 folders
Scallop draggers and lobstermen 1981-1984
Sea Grant 1983
Seafood market 1982
Seafood processing, environmental effects and issues 1979-1982 2 folders
Shrimp 1982-1984
Special Trade Representative letters to the International Trade Commission 1982-1983 2 folders
Squid market 1983-1984
Station WOU, New England Telephone 1981-1983
Stinson Canning Company-immigration 1983
Stonington Fish Pier 1983-1984
Striped bass
Striped bass, airlift by Air National Guard 1982
Surimi minced fish products 1984
Surplus Commodity Program, Department of Agriculture 1984
Taxes, fishermen-Maine Boat Tax 1983-1985
Trade issues, fish 1984 5 folders
Tuna tariffs 1983-1984
Unemployment compensation tax exemption for fishermen 1981-1984 4 folders
U.S.-Canada Salmon Treaty 1983
U.S. Fishery Development Corporation, Marine Resources Development Bank 1984
U.S. Fishery Development Corporation, House hearing 1983
U.S. Fishing Zone, Governing International Fishery Agreement (GIFA) 1982-1983
U.S. imports of fishery products, hearing 1984
U.S. Ocean Policy 1981
U.S.-Soviet fishing venture 1985
U.S. trade and Canadian fish
U.S. trade and Canadian policy
Winterport and Searsport 1982-1983

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