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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Legislative Materials on Education

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MS Education 1983-1995 21 boxes

Records in this subseries focus on education issues, particularly as they relate to Cohen's Maine constituents. Subjects covered include vocational education, financial aid for students, literacy issues, and education for various disadvantaged groups. Some files on labor-related issues are also included here. The files are arranged into three subdivisions based on the work of the legislative assistants who created them: a) Winthrop Cashdollar and Libby Woodcock,1983-1990, b) Wendy Cramer, 1991-1992, and c) Kelly Metcalf, 1992-1995.

MS Winthrop Cashdollar and Libby Woodcock 1983-1990 6 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Winthrop Cashdollar worked with Senator Cohen circa 1983-1990 on education, aging, health, and welfare issues. Libby Woodcock worked with Cohen on education during the same period. Some of the issues represented here concern vocational education and education for the handicapped, migrants, and the disadvantaged (as outlined in Chapter 1 of the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act). Issues concerning Maine Indian Schools and IMPACT Aid (financial aid for federally-connected students) are also documented here.

Legislative initiatives include the 1990 reauthorization of the Perkins Act (S. 1109 and H.R. 7) and the 1987 Senate Resolution 157, which was introduced by Cohen to endorse continued funding for vocational education. Records include briefing memos, research reports, and correspondence with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and vocational education associations such as NASDVE (National Association of State Directors of Vocational Education).

Folder Titles

Agenda for 101st Congress, 2nd session, 1990.
Appropriations, fiscal year 1988.
Appropriations, fiscal year 1989, Labor, Heath and Human Services, Education.
Articles, educational, 1989.
Asbestos in schools, 1983-1989.
Background info, data and news, education, 1983-1989, 2 folders.
Budget, fiscal year 1989.
Bush, George, visit to Pease Air Force Base, children's letters, 1989.
Bush education plan, 1989.
Chapter One issues, 1988.
Child care and education, 1985.
Children's issues, 1987.
College costs, 1988-1989.
Congressional Research Service, 1989-1990.
Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships (CASS) Program, 1988-1989.
Correspondence letters, 1983-1985.
Dear Colleague letters regarding education, 1990.
Department of Education Act, 1979-1981.
Developmental Disabilities, 1984-1986.
Developmental Disabilities, 1987-1989.
Draft registration and student aid, 1983.
Dropouts and "At Risk" students, 1985.
Earth Day contest certificates, 1990.
Educational Excellence Act, 1989.
Financial Aid information, 1990.
The G.I. Bill, 1986.
Gifted and talented, 1989.
Governmental information on education, hearing, 1989.
Government student loans, 1988-1990.
Handicapped education, 1982-1984.
Handicapped education, legal fees, 1985-1986.
Handicapped higher education, 1985-1986.
Higher education, 1984-1986.
Higher education legislation, 1986.
House resolutions, 1987-1988.
Impact aid, Indian schools, 1986, 2 folders.
Indian schools, 1986.
Labor, Health and Human Services, H.R. 2990, Education appropriations, 1989.
Language and literacy hearings, 1989.
Loan defaults, 1987-1990.
Loan default hearing, 1990.
Loans: Maine Educational Loan Marketing Corporation (MELMAC), student loans, 1983-1985.
Maine facilities, 1982-1985.
Maine guaranteed student loan reconciliation, 1988.
Margaret Chase Smith Library, 1987-1988.
Math and science, background and hearings, 1990.
Merit pay for teachers, 1983.
Migrant education, 1983-1989.
National Diffusion Network, education, 1982-1987.
National Forum on Excellence in Education, 1983.
News clippings, education, 1988-1989.
Northeast Regional Exchange, Inc. (NEREX), 1983-1986, 2 folders.
Perkins Vocational Education Act, 1985-1990, 2 folders.
Miscellaneous programs, 1987-1988.
Reform, general education, 1988.
Reports and articles, 1988-1989, 2 folders.
River Valley Alternative School, 1989.
School discipline, 1984.
Statements, education, 1986-1990.
Tax code and education, 1985.
Teaching and teachers, 1983-1985, 2 folders.
Trio programs, 1984-1989.
Tuition tax credits, 1986, 2 folders.
University of Maine Farmington, Health Fitness Center, 1989.
Validity Generalization-General Aptitute Test Battery (VG-GATB), 1990.
Vocational education, S. Res. 157, 1987.
Voice of America, possibility of training center, University of Maine, 1988.
Voucher program, 1983-1986.

MS Wendy Cramer 1991-1992 6 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Wendy Cramer worked on education issues from 1991-1992. Kim Corthell and Priscilla Hanley also contributed to the files in this category. Some of the issues represented here focus on alcohol and drug education, student financial aid, school health education programs, and programs aimed at raising the aspirations of Maine students. Legislative initiatives include the America 2000 Excellence in Education Act of 1991, which was co-sponsored by Senator Cohen. This act was described by President George Bush as a national strategy designed to attain specific educational goals by the year 2000. Other legislative initiatives include the Elementary and Secondary Education bill (S. 2) and the1992 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (S. 1150). Files include copies of bills, articles and memos, research reports, correspondence, and copies of Cohen's statements.

America 2000 Excellence in Education Act 1991 3 folders
Blue Ribbon Schools 1992
Book by Mail program 1991
Bush (President George Bush) visits Lewiston 1991
Comprehensive School Health April 1992
Congressional Research Service, drug education 1990
Consituent meetings, education 1991-92 3 folders
Constituent work 1990
Drug education 1989-91
Earth Day contest 1991-92
Education 1990-93
Educational meetings, memos 1991 3 folders
Education, miscellaneous articles 1991-92
Education Acts, summaries 1992 2 folders
Education, vouchers, school choice, homeschool 1991-92
Geiger Bros., Montello anthology 1991-92
G.I. Bill for Children 1992
Governmental Affairs Committee, hearing on improving access to student financial aid info, 1991 4 folders
Health education bill 1991-92
Hearing, health and nutrition in education 1991 3 folders
Hearing no. 2, health education 1991 5 folders
Healthy Me! Healthy Maine 1991
Healthy Me! Healthy Maine contest 1991-92 2 folders
Healthy Me! Healthy Maine contest winners and their poems 1991
Healthy Me! Healthy Maine handbook 1991
Healthy Me! Healthy Maine program 1991-92 2 folders
Healthy Me! Healthy Maine winning info 1991 2 folders
Higher Education reauthorization, articles, dear colleague letters, memos 1992
Higher Education reauthorization letters 1992
Holocaust Educator of the Year 1992
Maine Aspirations Foundation 1990-92 2 folders
Maine, New Hampshire interstate school 1992
Medical student loans 1990-92
Memos, accomplishments, retrospective issues 1991-92
Middle Class aid 1991-92 2 folders
National Foundation for Addiction Prevention (PANDAS) program n.d.
Neighboring Schools Improvement Act 1991-92 4 folders
Normandy schools 1992 3 folders
School health hearing and info 1991-92
Trade schools, fraud and institutional eligibility 1991-92
Vocational education and military 1992
Waldoboro Bears baseball field 1992

MS Kelly Metcalf 1992-1995 9 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Kelly Metcalf worked on education, labor, and communications issues from 1992-1995. Files in this category focus on vocational education and various educational programs and legislative initiatives. Senator Cohen strongly supported "tech prep" education, which is a planned sequence of study in a technical field. One important legislative initiative he was involved with was the School-to-Work Opportunities Act, which was signed into law in 1994. Two provisions from Cohen's "tech prep" legislation were included in this bill. One allowed tech prep programs to begin in the ninth grade, and the other encouraged the involvement of colleges in the development of tech prep programs. Other legislative initiatives documented here include the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) in 1994, and the National and Community Service Trust Act, signed into law by President Clinton in 1993. Other subjects covered include the high cost of college education, the reauthorization of Head Start in 1994, literacy, financial aid, and TRIO (Special Programs for Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds). Records consist of memos, correspondence, copies of bills, and research reports. Memos related to constituent meetings on labor and education issues are also included here.

Access to some of the records in this sub series is restricted until 2016. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

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