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William S. Cohen Papers | Legislative Materials Related to the Dickey Lincoln Hydro-Electric Project

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MS Thomas Heyerdahl, Dickey-Lincoln Hydro-electric Project 1961-1985 12 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Thomas Heyerdahl worked with Senator Cohen from 1974-1988, and was his legislative director from 1979-1988. The papers in this group are concerned solely with the Dickey-Lincoln power plant, a proposed hydroelectric power project on the St. John River in northern Maine. Consisting of two dams, it was designed to be a low-cost source of power for the state of Maine and New England. The Dickey-Lincoln project was debated for over fifteen years, and was opposed by Maine residents due to the prohibitive costs involved in its construction and operation, and its projected impact on the environment. The project was finally defeated in 1985.

Records in this group consist of a number of studies, design memorandums, environmental impact statements, and other reports about the Dickey-Lincoln project that were done by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other organizations. Memos, news-clippings, correspondence, and records of public meetings are also included.

Folder Titles

Atlantic Center for the Environment, 1979.
Background files, 1965-1979, 3 folders.
Bangor Hydro-Electric Company, peak energy forecast 1980 to 1995, 1980.
Cohen statements and speeches, 1973-1978.
Cohen statements and speeches, 1979.
Congressional Record, copies of related material, 1974-1982.
Congressional speeches and action, 1981-1985, 2 folders.
Debate, 1980-1985, 3 folders.
Decision report prepared for President Carter by Governor Longley, 1978.
Energy potential of northern Maine, 1980, 2 folders.
General files, 8 folders.
Issue, briefing book, 1980-1985, 4 folders.
Letters, 1973-1981.
Letters, 1974-1981.
Memos to Cohen or staff, 1973-1980.
National Audubon Society, 1979-1980, 2 folders.
New England load and capacity report 1981-1996, 1981.
News clippings, 1963-1980.
News clippings, 1977-1982.
News clippings, 1977-1980, 3 folders.
Oil, gas reduction, 1980.
Public meeting, Augusta, October 1977, 2 folders.
Public meeting, Fort Kent, October 1977, 2 folders.
Public meeting, St. Johnsbury, November 1977.
Related government publications, appropriations for water development, 1980-1981.
Related government publications, Canadian environmental and resource concerns, 1978.
Related government publications, Cobscook Bay, 1978-1980, 2 folders.
Related government publications, Design Memoranda, 1967-1977, 5 folders.
Related government publications, economic feasibility studies, 1982-1983, 3 folders.
Related government publications, Environmental Impact Statements, 1977-1981, 34 folders.
Related government publications, Environmental Impact Statements, Federal Water Polution Control Act section 404 evaluation, 1978-1980.
Related government publications, fish and wildlife mitigation, 1980, 5 folders.
Related government publications, flood control, energy, environmental conservation, 1979-1980.
Related government publications, hydro-power evaluation, 1979-1981, 2 folders.
Related government publications, Milan Power Development, c. 1977.
Related government publications, Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project, 1961-1977, 2 folders.
Related government publications, transmission corridors, 1976.
Report prepared for L.L. Bean, attitudes toward project, 1977.
Reports, 1973-1980.
Reports, 1974-1980.
River Conservation Fund, 1977-1980.
Testimony, statements by others, 1961-1981, 2 folders

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