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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Legislative Materials on Energy

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MS Katherine DeCoster 1984-1991 12 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Katherine DeCoster worked on energy, environment, and housing issues from 1984 to 1991. Records in this group document issues such as:

The residential energy tax credit. The first proposal Cohen sponsored while he was in the U.S. House of Representatives called for giving income tax credits to homeowners who invested in energy-saving measures for their homes. In 1984, the energy credits were imperiled when the Senate Finance Committee voted to repeal them. Cohen introduced a bill that managed to save them, therefore sending out a strong message about the importance of practicing energy conservation.

The difficulties involved with the storage and disposal of nuclear waste. In 1986, the DOE released a draft Area Recommendation Report proposing 12 sites as potentially acceptable high-level nuclear waste repositories. Two of these sites were in the state of Maine. Correspondence from individual citizens and groups protesting these sites are included here. Cohen co-sponsored the Nuclear Protections and Safety Act of 1987 (S. 1085), designed to establish an independent oversight board to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities.

The rise in home heating oil prices. The Governmental Affairs Committee conducted a hearing on home heating oil prices in January 1990. The price of oil escalated even further after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August of that year.

Government energy efficiency. In 1991, Cohen co-sponsored the Government Energy Efficiency Act (S. 1040), which was a bill to provide a Government-wide comprehensive energy management plan for Federal agencies.

Fuel efficiency, fuel price increases, and the use of synthetic fuels.

Records include legislative memos, newspaper clippings, Cohen's statements made at several Governmental Affairs hearings, and "Dear Colleague" letters.

Folder Titles

Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Harriman Cove project 1990
Appliance Standards Act 1985-1987 2 folders
Appropriations Energy and Water Development 1984
Basin Mills Hydro-electric project 1989-90 2 folders
Budget Summit, fiscal year 1991
Canada-Maine hydro agreement 1984-89
Canadian electricity imports, report, 1987
Central Maine Power and Hydro-Quebec 1988 2 folders
Central Maine Power - National Electric Company of Bulgaria 1992
Department of Energy News, Bulletin 1986
Down East Peat Company 1986-87
Douglas Bracket Invention 1990-91
Energy Amendment to Department of Defense Bill 1990
Energy assistance, Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program 1990
Energy budget 1985
Energy efficiency programs 1988
Energy Information Administration 1984
Energy needs and renewable sources 1986-88
Federal energy management, Governmental Affairs hearing May 1991
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): Maine Public Utilities Commission 1988
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, state jurisdiction 1984
Global warming 1989-90
Government energy efficiency 1991 3 folders
Harrison, Maine comment 1986 2 folders
Maine Indigenous Natural Energy Inc. 1984
MEPSCO, Inc., correspondence 1988-90
MEPSCO, Inc., technical information 1987-89
Mitchell's daylight savings time extension 1985-86
National Energy Policy Act, S. 2667 1989 2 folders
National Energy Policy Act, S. 324 1990-91
Natural Gas-Canadian Imports-Energy Bill 1991
Northeast fuel crisis 1990 2 folders
Northeast utilities acquisition of public service of New Hampshire 1990
Nuclear, Citizens Against Nuclear Trash (CANT) 1986 2 folders
Nuclear, civilian radioactive waste management information 1986 2 folders
Nuclear, constituent correspondence, possible Maine nuclear dump 1986
Nuclear, crystalline repository project, waste 1985 2 folders
Nuclear, crystalline repository reports 1986 2 folders
Nuclear, Department of Energy's draft, area recommendation reports and responses 1985-86 1 folder
Nuclear, Department of Energy's draft, area recommendation reports and responses, continued 1985-86 5 folders
Nuclear energy, waste 1989
Nuclear energy, waste, General Accounting Office Reports 1986
Nuclear, evaluation of commercial repository capacity July 1984
Nuclear facilities clean-up 1988-89
Nuclear, high level waste disposal 1987 2 folders
Nuclear, high level waste disposal, continued 1987 5 folders
Nuclear, low level radioactive waste facilities, liability 1987-88
Nuclear, low level radioactive waste sitting commission 1985-86
Nuclear, low level waste disposal 1985-87
Nuclear, low level waste, Maine / Texas Nuclear Waste Pact 1988-89 2 folders
Nuclear, low level waste, NRC ruling, below regulatory concern 1990 2 folders
Nuclear, low level waste, NRC sitting committee 1980-89 1 folder
Nuclear, low level waste, NRC sitting committee, continued 1980-89 2 folder
Nuclear, low level waste, referendums and legislation 1985
Nuclear, Maine Yankee Bill 1987
Nuclear, Maine Yankee debate 1987
Nuclear, Maine Yankee decommissioning 1988
Nuclear, Maine Yankee fire 1991
Nuclear, Maine Yankee shutdown assessment 1986
Nuclear, Maine Yankee and Nuclear Regulatory Committee 1990
Nuclear, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management 1986
Nuclear, Price-Anderson, liability 1980-86
Nuclear, Price-Anderson reauthorization bill 1987-88 4 folders
Nuclear Protections and Safety Act 1987-88 2 folders
Nuclear Protections and Safety Act, Governmental Affairs Committee 1987 2 folders
Nuclear Protections and Safety Act, Mark-up 1987
Nuclear Protections and Safety Act, Senate Armed Services hearing 1987 2 folders
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, emergency planning zone 1986-87
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, general hearings 1987
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, nuclear industry 1987-88
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, rule on state evacuation plans 1987
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, sensible Maine power, FEMA 1984
Nuclear, Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant investigation 1989
Nuclear, Seabrook financial troubles 1986
Nuclear, Sebago Lake radioactive dump 1986
Nuclear, state authority 1982-86
Nuclear, State of Maine suit against Secretary of Energy 1986
Nuclear, uranium enrichment legislation 1988 2 folders
Nuclear waste disposal, press conference 1987
Nuclear waste issues 1986 4 folders
Nuclear waste legislation 1987
Nuclear waste letters 1986 2 folders
Nuclear waste, Maine 1986
Nuclear waste management, Congressional Research Service 1986
Nuclear waste management report, a Better Idea, December 1984
Nuclear waste management report, the Use of the Sea, April 1984
Nuclear Waste Policy Act and Department of Energy 1986
Nuclear Waste Policy Act and Department of Energy, continued 1986
Nuclear waste reports and studies 1988
Nuclear waste repository in Maine, arguments against to Department of Energy 1986 2 folders
Nuclear waste repository projects 1986
Nuclear waste site in Maine, letters 1985
Nuclear waste site, tribal issues 1986
Petroleum, Champlain pipeline project 1989 2 folders
Petroleum, emergency oil preparedness 1984
Petroleum, fuel efficiency 1990 2 folders
Petroleum, fuel efficiency legislation 1990-91
Petroleum, fuel price increases 1989-90 4 folders
Petroleum, gas imports from Nova Scotia 1984
Petroleum, gasoline price increase 1989
Petroleum, hearing, heating fuel crisis 1991 2 folders
Petroleum, hearings, oil, gas prices 1990-91
Petroleum, hearings, oil import fee 1991
Petroleum, hearings, oil price increase 1990-91
Petroleum, high fuel prices 1990
Petroleum, Maine oil dealers 1984
Petroleum, Maine Petroleum Association 1984
Petroleum, oil overcharge funds, disposition 1985-86
Petroleum, oil overcharge funds, Exxon and Stripper Well funds 1987-88
Petroleum, oil price increase 1990 4 folders
Petroleum, oil reserve relocation 1991
Petroleum, Overcharge Act 1984
Phototherm Inc., light to electricity 1988
Refrigeration systems, Air Force 1990 2 folders
Saddleback development 1986-88 2 folders
Salmon issues, hydroelectricity 1991
State Energy Conservation Act 1989
State energy programs, appropriations
Synthetic Fuels Corporation: proposed changes 1984
Synthetic fuels, peat mining project 1984-85 2 folders
Synthetic fuels rescission 1984 2 folders
Tax credits, energy conservation 1982-85 4 folders
West Enfield dam 1988-89 3 folders
Wind energy 1990
Windfall profits tax 1990

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