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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Legislative Materials on Housing

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MS Housing 1978-1996 19 boxes

Files in this series reflect housing issues as they relate to Maine citizens, particularly in regard to the aged, the homeless, and Native Americans. The records are arranged into two subdivisions, based on the work of the legislative assistants who created them: a) Carol Woodcock, 1978-1983, and b) Katherine DeCoster, 1983-1996.

Access to records in the Housing sub-series is restricted. See information in sub-series level description. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

MS Carol Woodcock 1978-1983 7 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Carol (Hicks) Woodcock worked with Senator Cohen from 1977-1983 on housing, energy, environment, and forestry issues. Jean Streeter also contributed to some of the files in this category.

During the 1980s, the Department of Housing and Urban Development funded many housing and community development projects throughout the country. Many of the files in this series concern HUD funded projects in the state of Maine, as well as housing projects funded by the Farmers Home Administration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs from 1981-1983, Cohen conducted several hearings on Indian housing issues. He convened a hearing on the Indian Housing Act of 1982 (S. 2847), in order to scrutinize this legislation with reference to both Indian affairs and an emerging national policy on housing. Cohen co-sponsored the Indian Housing Act of 1983 (S. 856), which called for an Indian Housing Program. Cohen was also the Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and many of the files in this series reflect his concerns about housing for the elderly, such as the Elderly Home Equity Bill, which he introduced in 1983.

Materials consist of briefing memos, reports, news clippings, and applications for Urban Development Action Grants (UDAG), which were administered by HUD. Correspondence and reports from the Maine State Housing Authority, the National Association of Home Builders, and letters of support from Cohen to HUD concerning applications for grants are also found in this subseries.

Folder Titles

Aging Committee Hearing on Housing, 1982-83.
Auburn Housing Authority, 1978-80.
Bath Iron Works, 1982.
Biddeford Housing, 1981-82.
Brewer Housing Projects, 1982.
Brooke-Cranston Emergency Home Purchase Act, 1980.
Brunswick Congregate Housing, 1982.
Housing Budget Cuts, 1981-82.
Budget (General), 1984.
Census of Population and Housing, 1984.
Centreville Commons, Housing Project- Lewiston, 1981-82.
Concurrent Budget Resolution, 1982-83.
Congegrate Housing, 1982.
Correspondence Housing, 1981-83.
Downeast Housing Associates, Eastport Project, 1981.
Due on sale clippings, 1982.
General Economic Statements, 1982, 2 folders.
Elderly Home Equity, 1982-83.
Employee Retirement Income Security Act Amendments, 1981.
Equity Sharing- Elderly Housing, 1982.
Extension- Housing Authorization, 1983.
Farmer's Home Administration Allocation Formula, 1983, 2 folders.
Farmer's Home Administration- Manchester Housing project, 1981-82.
Farmer's Home Administration- Allagash Housing Project, 1982.
Farmer's Home Administration- Allagash Housing Project, 1982.
Farmer's Home Administration- Rental Assistance, 1983, 2 folders.
Federal Housing Administration Revitalization Act, 1981.
Federal Housing Association Guarantee Programs, 1981-82.
Financing Adjustment Factor, 1981.
Fiscal Year Budget (General Information), 1983.
Garn Proposal: Reorganize Financial Institutions, 1982.
Section 202, Heinz Bill, 1982.
Home Equity Conversion Spector Bill, 1982-83.
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and Redlining, 1980.
Housing Bail-Out Proposals, 1982.
Housing Budget Request, 1983, 2 folders.
Housing and Community Development Act, 1980.
Housing and Community Development Act, S. 1338, 1983, 3 folders.
Housing Legislation, 1979, 2 folders.
Housing Legislation- 2nd Session, 1982.
Housing Market, 1982.
Housing Organizations, 1983.
Housing Outlook, 1983.
Housing Representatives, meetings, 1977-81.
Housing and Urban Development 235 Program, 1980.
Housing and Urban Development Appropriations, 1980.
Housing and Urban Development-Centreville, 1980-81.
Housing and Urban Development-Deregulation of Rents for Federally Insured Project, 1982.
Housing and Urban Development-Rental Increases, 1982.
Housing and Urban Development-New Initiatives, 1982.
Housing and Urban Development-Occupancy Rules for Section 8 of HUD Program, 1983.
Housing and Urban Development-Occupancy Rules for Section 8 of HUD Program, 1983.
Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill, 1983.
Housing and Urban Development- Census: Minority Requirements, 1983.
Housing and Urban Development- Census: Mortgage Sale- Section 202, 1983.
Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Fiscal Year 1983, 1983.
Indian Housing Act, 1982, 10 folders.
Indian Housing Act, 1983.
Lugar Housing Proposal, 1982, 2 folders.
Madawaska Housing, 1981-82.
Maine State Housing Authority Bond Issue, 1982.
Mathias Mortgage Reduction Bill, 1983.
Mitchell Housing Bill (S.2277), 1982.
Mortgage Foreclose Legislation, 1983.
Mortgage Interest Deductions, 1981.
Mortgage Subsidy Bond Tax Act, 1979.
New Community Development Block Grant Reductions, 1982.
New England Non-Profit Housing Development Corporation, n.d..
National Apartment Association, 1984.
National Association of Homebuilders, 1981.
National Housing Act Amendment, 1982.
National Housing Week, 1982-83.
New Federalism, 1983.
No-cost, no-subsidy housing bill, 1982.
Older Americans' Housing Demonstration Act, 1982.
100 State Street Housing- Portland, Maine, 1981.
Park-Danforth Housing project, 1981-82.
Pejepscot Housing Inc., 1981.
Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Housing Authority., 1978-82, 4 folders.
Presidential Commission on Housing., 1981.
President's Fiscal Year Budget Housing Programs, 1983.
Presque Isle- Housing State of the Art, 1982.
Housing Proposed Budget Cuts, 1981-82, 2 folders.
Public Housing, 1981-82.
Public Housing Authorities, 1981.
Reagan's New Federalism, 1982.
Reconciliation Bill- Housing, 1981.
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 1981.
Realtors, 1980-82.
Realtors, 1983.
Residential Mortgage Investment Act, 1982.
Riegle Bill (S. 2483), 1982.
Section 8 Housing Legislation, 1980.
Section 202 Direct Loan Program for Housing for Elderly and Handicapped- Extensions, 1982.
Senator Dodd's Multifamily Housing Development Bill, 1982.
Small Cities Community Development Program, 1981-82.
State of Maine Home Equity Development Project, 1980-83.
Tax Cut, 1981.
Housing- Tax Incentives for Saving, 1981.
Thank-You Letters, 1983-84.
Bangor Urban Development Action Grant, 1982.
City of Bath-Urban Development Action Grant, 1979-81.
Lewiston-Urban Development Action Grant- Poultry, 1982.
Munjoy Hill Housing Project, Urban Development Action Grant Application, city of Portland, Maine, July 29, 1982.
Congress Square, Urban Development Action Grant, Portland, 1980-81.
Urban Development Action Grant, Portland, 1981.
Urban Development Action Grant, Saco Industrial Park, 1982-83.
Winterhaven Apartments- Augusta, 1982.
Wyandotte Industries, OSHA Inquiry, 1980-81.

MS Katherine DeCoster 1983-1996 12 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Katherine DeCoster worked with Cohen from 1983-1991 on housing, energy, and environment issues. Jennifer Goldthwait, Kate Lambrew, and Paulina Collins also contributed to the files in this subseries.
During the 1980s and 1990s, the rising cost of housing prevented many Maine citizens from affording conventional home loans. As a result, housing in Maine was financed largely by federal funds. The files in this subseries contain applications for Housing Development Action Grants (HODAG) and Urban Development Action Grants (UDAG) (both administered by HUD), and requests for housing loans from the Farmers Home Administration (FmHa) (administered by the Dept. of Agriculture). There are also files related to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), designed to offer heating assistance to qualified residents. Other files deal with mobile home standards, rental assistance for the elderly, and homeless shelters in Maine.

Significant legislative initiatives include the Rural Homelessness Assistance Act (S. 2181), co-sponsored by Senator Cohen and designed to establish a $30 million grant program to assist rural communities in providing shelter, health, and social services to the homeless. Cohen also co-sponsored the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 (S. 566), intended to authorize a new corporation to support efforts for achieving more affordable housing. Records in this subseries include Cohen's correspondence with HUD on behalf of his constituents, briefing memos, reports, copies of bills, and applications.

Access to records in this sub series is restricted until 2017. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

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