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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Legislative Materials related to Labor

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MS Labor 1986-1995 7 boxes

A number of labor-related issues are documented in this series, and they include unemployment (particularly in Maine), extension of unemployment benefits, striker replacement, and attempts to amend and repeal the Davis-Bacon Act. Kelly Metcalf created most of these files, with some contributions from Paulina Collins.

Files are arranged alphabetically. Significant legislation represented here includes:

· The 1993 Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension (EUC) (S. 382), designed to extend unemployment benefits by 20 to 26 weeks. H.R. 920 was passed in lieu of this bill, providing for this extension.
· The Striker Replacement bill (S. 55), also introduced in 1993, aimed at prohibiting employers from hiring permanent replacements for striking workers.
· The Family and Medical Leave Act, enacted into law in August, 1993, entitled employees to take a certain amount of unpaid time off from their jobs for family and medical reasons.
· An unsuccessful attempt to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act was made in 1995 (S. 141). The Davis-Bacon Act, created in the 1930s, requires contractors on federally funded projects over $2,000 to pay locally prevailing wages to workers.
· Material related to the controversial nomination of William Gould to the National Labor Relations Board in 1994 may also be found here.

Records consist of memos from Kelly Metcalf and other assistants on a number of labor-related issues, "Dear Colleague" letters, and correspondence with the U.S. Department of Labor, labor organizations, and Maine constituents. Labor-related memos may also be found in the Education subseries.

Access to some of the records in this sub series is restricted until 2016. Consult the Special Collections Department for further information.

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