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William S. Cohen Papers | Senate Era Press Secretary Administrative Files

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MS Administrative Files 1979-1995 2 boxes

Arranged alphabetically. Contains memos and correspondence about Cohen's radio and television programs, samples of special mailings to different interest groups, and booklets produced for senior citizens and visitors to Washington. Congressional Record inserts, "Dear Colleague" letters, mass-mail registrations, and transcripts of six interviews Cohen did from 1987-1994 with "Meet the Press" are also included.

Folder Titles

Administrative correspondence and clippings 1989-1995 4 folders
Booklets 1980
Bright, Tom, Washington Post article as printed in the Maine Sunday Telegram 1979
Congressional Record synopsis May, 1987
Dear Colleague letters 1979-1981
Committee statements 1979
Congressional Record reprints 1977-1981
Franked mailings 1979
Mass mail registrations 1984-1987 4 folders
Mailings, Canada-U.S. fish treaty 1979
Mailings, Citizens' Hour announcements 1980
Mailings, energy letter with speech 1979
Mailings, environment 1980
Mailings, farmer letter 1979
Mailings, fisherman's letters 1979 3 folders
Mailings, fisherman's letter, U.S.-Canadian fisheries boundary agreement 1980
Mailings, foreign competition 1979
Mailings, Guide for Maine Veterans 1979
Mailings, health care industry
Mailings, Maine taxpayers (Roth Amendment) 1980
Mailings, Report to Aroostook County 1980
Mailings, Reports to Maine 1979 4 folders
Mailings, Report on Small Business 1980
Mailings, Report to Senior Citizens 1980
Mailings, Report to Veterans 1980
Mailings, Senior Citizens' Book 1980
Mailings, specialized 1979-1983
Mailings, Veterans 1979
Meet the Press appearances, six transcripts 1987-1994
Newsletter registration 1983
"Senator Bill Cohen Welcomes You to Washington," guide for visitors from Maine 1993
Senior citizens information guidebook 1993
Today Show interview transcript, Whitewater 1994
Work orders: letters, reports, announcements, etc. 1979-1981

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