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MS 106.6.2 Trips 1997-2001 1 binder and 1 CD

Divided into chronological sub-series 1997-1999 and 2000 that are subdivided by long trips and short trips and then by geographic location. The main menu for each sub-series is a list of international place names with dates and a list of three Short Trip Binders. Each place name links to a table of contents with the Overall Trip Material, Country/Area Specific documents, Press Clips/Wire Pulls, and Classified Annex (this link leads to a statement that the classified materials are not included).

Overall Trip Materials are itineraries, points of contact, and passenger manifests and the links lead to the specific documents that were scanned from notebooks. Country/Area Specific contents include the countries or areas and links to a further content lists which link to the actual speeches, statement alternatives, background papers, talking points, and reference materials for the specific visits and meetings. Press Clips/Wire Pulls includes transcripts of interviews with Secretary of Defense Cohen, press availability, question and answer scripts, news clips, news summaries, and articles. These are copes paper originals kept in a notebook at the Pentagon.

Includes "List of Trips and Meetings" for January 1997-January 2001 and "List of Stateside Meetings with Foreign Dignitaries" January 1997-Janaury 2001 (include dates, locations, and participants, 27 pages).

Germany (Wehrkunde Conference) 03 Feb 2000 to 06 Feb 2000 30 objects

Overall trip materials, documents specific to 36th Munich Conference on Security Policy, meetings with Ukrainian officials, signing ceremony for Declaration of Principles for Defense Equipment and Industrial Cooperation with United Kingdom, press clips and wire pulls covering events.

Morocco and South Africa 10 Feb 2000 to 17 Feb 2000 27 objects

Description of Secretary of Defense trip to Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa. Overall trip materials, no specific information for Morocco, trip to Nigeria was canceled enroute, meetings in South Africa with President, MOD, MPW,MOE, The Standing Committee on Defense, and with Nelson Mandela. Press clips and wire pulls are also included.

Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan and Korea Volume 1 08 Mar 2000 to 18 Mar 2000 48

Includes Trip announcement, overall trip material, trip schedule, specific information on Asia (Vietnam, Japan, and Korea). Mainly deals with press in Asia and with CNN, and the Today Show.

Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan and Korea Volume 2 08 Mar 2000 to 18 Mar 2000 64

Includes overall trip material, Itinerary, delegation roster, points of contact, France press article, key themes summary sheet Hong Kong, biography of Michael Klosson, and various talking points. In Vietnam: Scope paper, bi-lateral issues, talking points, meeting, site visit, case narrative, central Identification lab, pictures, Secretary of Defense speech to National Defense Academy. In Japan: News article, speech outline, answers. In Korea: News articles, itinerary and talking points, SOFA meeting, Seoul press conference, press clips/ wire pulls, news summary, TV coverage, Atsugi Health Hazard. In Hong Kong: Biographies. In Vietnam: Bios. In Japan: scope paper, bios, lunch with foreign minister Kono, meeting and dinner with defense minister, office call, meetings. In Korea: Key themes, main points, watch out items, scope paper, meeting with minister and president, bio of MOD, talking points, and pre-departure policy briefing.

Nigeria and The Gulf 31 Mar 2000 to 12 Apr 2000 53 objects

Includes overall trip material, area specific unclassified material. In Nigeria meeting with President, no information provided on Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman. Press clips and wire pulls included. Last topic is Classified Annex.

Belgium, Lithuania, Sweden & Russia 06 Jun 2000 to 13 Jun 2000 51 objects

Includes overall trip materials, country specific unclassified material-In Belgium F-16 ceremonies, meetings with Secretary of Defense and Russian MOD. In Lithuania meetings about multilateral cooperation with PM, Speaker, and MOD. In Sweden dealing with ship Vasa's revival. In Russia meeting with Secretary of Defense, MOD, and signing ceremony. Also included press clips and wire pulls, the last topic is Classified Annex.

China and Australia 10 Jul 2000 to 17 Jul 2000 66 objects

Includes overall trip material and press clips/wire pulls. In China, lunch with mayor of Shaghai, various press conferences, lunch with mayor of Beijing, and meeting with PRC leaders. In Australia, remarks made at working luncheon.

China and Australia Volume II 10 Jul 2000 to 17 Jul 2000 102 objects

Includes overall trip material, in China- Secretary of Defense visits many sites in China including stock exchange. In Australia- meetings and luncheons with MOD. Also included are press clips/wire pulls and Classified Annex.

Asia 13 Sep 2000 to 22 Sep 2000 100 objects

Includes overall trip material, in The Philippines--meetings with SND, General, and President. In Singapore-meetings with Prime Minister, President, visit to the USS Germantown (meet with Admiral, Captain, and Commander). In Indonesia-meet with President, Vice President, LTG, MOD, and TNI. In Thailand-dinner with Prime Minister/MOD. In Korea- one meeting. In Japan- attended a hosted breakfast. Also includes press clips/ wire pulls and Classified Annex.

Tunisia, Greece and UK 06 Oct 2000 to 11 Oct 2000 39 objects

Includes overall trip material. In Tunisia- trip themes. In Greece- meetings and signing ceremony. In the U.K.- meetings and speaking about NATO. Also includes press clips/ wire pulls and classified annex.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile 16 Oct 2000 to 17 Oct 2000 21 objects

Includes overall trip material. In Brazil- meeting with MOD. In Argentina- meeting with MOD. In Chile- cancelled face to face meeting with MOD. Also includes press clips/ wire pulls and classified annex.

Persian Gulf 15 Nov 2000 to 22 Nov 2000 33 objects

Includes overall trip material. No information provided for Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, or Israel. In Kuwait- Arcent-OA mission. Also includes press clips/ wire pulls and classified annex.

Brussells (NATO), Belgium 03 Dec 2000 to 06 Dec 2000 27 objects

Includes overall trip material. In Belgium- SYG letter, letter to German MOD apologizing for accident at the Pentagon, and presentation by Secretary of Defense and MOD of Ukraine.

Short Trip Binder (Volume 1) 06 Jan 2000 to 28 May 2000 76 objects

Includes information on Secretary of Defense's trips to: California(2), New York City (2), San Antonio & Ft. Hood Texas, Bangor, Maine, Kosovo, Germany, and Belgium, Louisville, Kentucky, New Jersey & New York, and Indianapolis.

Short Trip Binder (Volume 2) 05 Jun 2000 to 07 Sep 2000 57 objects

Includes information on Secretary of Defense's trips to : New Orleans, Beaver Creek Colorado, Tampa Florida, Annapolis Maryland, Atlanta Georgia, Vail Colorado, Milwaukee & Cleveland Ohio, Norfolk Virginia, and Bangor & Brunswick Maine.

Short Trip Binder (Volume 3) 08 Sep 2000 to 20 Dec 2000 73 objects

Includes information on Secretary of Defense's trips to: Miami Florida, New York City, Chicago Illinois, Boston Massachusetts, Norfolk Virginia, Boca Raton & Tampa Florida. Also includes the script for the 2000 USO/DoD Secretary of Defense Holiday show. Many artist, politicians, and celebrities are in attendance.

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