Submitting Reserve Materials

Physical and electronic reserves (online) are listed in our catalog. Electronic reserves software provides 24/7 access to your online course materials while protecting intellectual property and copyrighted materials.


Copyright Symbol

Fogler Library employs a doctrine of copyright law called “Fair Use” to assess the appropriateness of placing duplicated materials on reserve. Fair Use determinations involve weighing four factors: purpose and character, nature of copyrighted work, amount used, and market effect. See these resources to help you make sense of copyright issues.

Choosing Materials well in advance of your upcoming course is essential. Many items are easily obtained; others may need to be purchased (which can take up to 6 weeks) or digitized; and some items are not permitted on reserve. For assistance, email us at or call 207.581.1666.

  1. Readily Available Items
    • Fogler books or those you own
    • Articles in our physical journals collection
    • Licensed electronic resources (contact your subject specialist for assistance)
  2. Items Requiring Purchase or Duplication
    • It may be possible for Fogler Library to purchase reserve materials it does not own
    • Duplicating portions of books is a process of last resort and subject to Fair Use determinations. See Copyright (above)
  3. Not Permitted
    • Using interlibrary loan books/media
    • Purchasing textbooks.  Please note: textbook copies you own are permitted on reserve

Submitting Lists

  1. Download and complete our reserve submission form electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader or print and complete it by hand. This form will not work correctly in macOS Preview
  2. Send submissions via email (, campus mail, or come to the Reserve Desk
  3. Course submissions are processed in order received
  4. You will receive notification when materials are ready for students
  5. Use personal copies at your own risk

Configuring Access to Ares Electronic Course Listings via Brightspace. Students can log into Brightspace, locate your course, and find readings in the “Electronic Reserves” module. Linking to an individual item within a course is not possible.  

  1. Access Brightspace
  2. Create course module and name it “Electronic Reserves”
    • Add “External Learning” tool 
    • “Add a Link” for “Ares Course Reserves” 
    • Once link appears: click dropdown arrow on right > “Edit Properties In-Place” > checkmark “Open as External Resource”
  3. Email Note your course number, section, and ask to add your “Course Offering Code” to Ares. Library staff will let you know when it is ready to access

What to Tell Students

  1. See Accessing Reserves
  2. Ares electronic reserves software requires a brief one-time registration. Use MaineStreet login/password for registration and subsequent access to online materials. We recommend your students access readings via URSUS. In your URSUS course record, students will see a listing of physical items and a link to any online readings. This is outlined in Accessing Reserves

questions iconContact Reserve staff if you need further assistance.
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