Special Collections Subject Guide: Lumbering Industry

This is a guide to selected resources concerning Logging and Lumbering History in Maine that are located in the Special Collections Department or are available on the Internet. These sources have been arranged into the following categories:

History – General
History – Pulp & Paper Industry
History – Railroads
Folklore and Ballads
Maine State Documents
Manuscript Collections
Electronic Resources


  • Committee for a New England Bibliography. Maine, a Bibliography of its History. Boston : G. K. Hall, 1977.  Maine Z 1291 C65 1977
  • Smith, David C. Lumbering and the Maine Woods: a Bibliographical Guide. Portland: Maine Historical Society, 1971.  Maine Z 7914 L8 S4

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  • Averill, Gerald. Ridge Runner; The Story of a Maine Woodsman. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Co. 1948.  Maine F 25 A8
  • Eckstorm, Fannie H. David Libbey : Penobscot Woodman and River-driver. Boston : Beacon Press, 1907.  Maine 974.196 L614xe
  • Farrington, Ervin S. A Lumberjack at 13. Center Conway, N.H.: Walker’s Pond Press & Advertising Company, 1982.  Maine HD 8039 L92 U54 1982
  • Holbrook, Stewart Hall. Yankee Loggers: A Recollection of Woodsmen, Cooks, and River Drivers. New York: International Paper Company, 1961.  Maine SD 538.2 N35 H574
  • Smith, Robert. My life in the North Woods. Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1986.  Maine CT 275 S5493 A3 1986

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History – General:

  • Chaney, Michael P. White Pine on the Saco River : An Oral History of River Driving in Southern Maine. Orono, Me.: Maine Folklife Center, 1993.  Maine GR 1 N65 v. 29
  • Holbrook, Stewart Hall. Holy Old Mackinaw; A Natural History of the American Lumberjack. New York, Macmillan, 1956.  Maine SD 538.2 A1 H57
  • Judd, Richard W. Aroostook : A Century Of Logging In Northern Maine. Orono, Me. : University of Maine Press, 1988, c1989.  Maine HD 9757 M2 J83 1988
  • Smith, David C. A History of Lumbering in Maine, 1861-1960. Orono, University of Maine Press, 1972.  Maine SD 538.2 M2 S57
  • Springer, John S. Forest Life and Forest Trees: Comprising Winter Camp-life Among the Loggers, and Wild-wood Adventure. With Descriptions of Lumbering Operations on the Various Rivers of Maine and New Brunswick. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1851.  Maine F 24 S76
  • Stanley, Robert Dana. The Rise of the Penobscot Lumber Industry to 1860. Orono: University of Maine, 1963.  Univ 1958 St25
  • “Suthin” (It’s the Opposite of Nothin’) : An Oral History of Grover Morrison’s Woods Operation at Little Musquash Lake, 1945-1947.  Orono, Me.: Northeast Folklore Society, 1978.  Maine GR 1 N65 vol. 18
  • Wood, Richard George. A History of Lumbering in Maine: 1820-1861. Orono: University of Maine Press, 1971.  Maine HD 9757 M2 W6 1971

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History – Pulp & Paper Industry:

  • A history of S. D. Warren Company 1854-1954. Westbrook, Me. : the Company, 1954, c1955.  Maine TS 1096 W3 A3 l954

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History – Railroads:

  • Chase, Edward E. Maine railroads : a history of the development of the Maine railroad system. Portland, Me. : A. J. Huston, c1926.  Maine HE 2771 M2 C5

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Folklore and Ballads:

  • Barry, Phillips. The Maine Woods Songster.  Cambridge, Mass.: Powell Printing, 1939.
    Maine 784.4 B279
  • Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. Minstrelsy of Maine; Folk-songs and Ballads of the Woods and the Coast. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1927.  Maine PS 548 M2 E4
  • Gray, Roland Palmer. Songs and Ballads of the Maine Lumberjacks: with Other Songs from Maine. Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 1924.  Maine 811.08 G79
  • Ives, Edward D. Joe Scott, the Woodsman-songmaker. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1978.  Maine ML 410 S4364 I9
  • Ives, Edward D. Larry Gorman: the man who made the songs. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1964.  Maine ML 410 G645 I9

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  • Bartlett, Stanley Foss. Beyond the Sowdyhunk. Portland, Me. : Falmouth Book House, 1937.  Maine 813.5 B284
  • Day, Holman. King Spruce. New York ; London : Harper & brothers, 1908.  Maine 813.49 D331k
  • Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. The Penobscot Man. Somersworth, New Hampshire Pub. Co., 1972.  Maine PS 3509 C65 P4 1972
  • Williams, Ben Ames. The Strange Woman. Boston, Mass. : Houghton Mifflin, 1941.  Maine PS 3545 I5115 S85

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Maine State Documents:

  • Maine. Dept. of Labor and Industry. Working Conditions in Lumber and Pulpwood Camps, August 1955 – March 1956. Augusta, Me. : 1956.  St.Docs. L 12.10:W89/956
  • Maine. Legislature. Legislative Research Committee. Laws of Maine. 1820 – .  St. Docs. L 38.22
  • Maine. Legislature. Legislative Documents. 1837- .  St. Docs. L 40.13
  • Maine. Legislature.Public documents. 1867-1954.  St. Docs. L 40.25

Manuscript Collections:

Electronic Resources:

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