Special Collections Subject Guide: Native Peoples

Maine Native Americans Subject Guide

Historic Postcard
Members of the Penobscot Nation are  pictured on an undated, historic postcard.

This subject guide includes selected resources concerning Native American People in Maine that are located in the Special Collections Department or are available on the Internet.  These sources have been arranged into the following categories:

History – General
History – Penobscot
History – Passamaquoddy
History – Micmac and Maliseet
History – Other
Land Claims
Traditional Crafts
Folklore and Music

Be sure to consult URSUS for resources located elsewhere in Fogler Library.


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History – General:

Baker, Emerson W. Trouble to the Eastward : the Failure of Anglo-Indian Relations in Early Maine. 1986, c1987.  Maine E 78 M2 B34 1989

Calloway, Colin G. Dawnland Encounters : Indians and Europeans in Northern New England. Hanover : University Press of New England, c1991. Maine E 99 A13 C354 1991

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————– Indian Games, Toys, and Pastimes of Maine and the Maritimes. Bar Harbor, Me. : Robert Abbe Museum, 1974. Maine E 98 G2 F3

Hitchner, Barbara Dunn, Papers SpC MS 248. Finding aid available online.

Leger, Mary Celeste. The Catholic Indian Missions in Maine (1611-1820). Washington, D.C. Catholic University of America, 1929. Maine E 98 M6 L51 1929

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——————- Indian Good Book. New York, E. Dunigan & Brother, 1856. Rare E 99 A13 V4

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History – Penobscot:

Dillingham, Charles A. The Penobscots. Bangor: Record print, 19–? Maine E 99 P5 P457

Dorr, Jason M. Changing Their Guardians : the Penobscot Indians and Maine Statehood, 1820-1849. Thesis (M.A.) in History–University of Maine, 1998. Univ. 1998 D67

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History – Passamaquoddy:

Leader, Judith C. An Ethnohistory of the Passamaquoddy of Maine. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Boston University, 1995. Maine E 99 P27 L42 1995

Soctomah, Donald. Hard Times at Passamaquoddy, 1921-1950. Maine: Passamaquoddy Tribe of Indian Township, 2003. Maine E 99 P27 S676 2003

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History – Micmac and Maliseet:

Leavitt, Robert. Maliseet & Micmac : First Nations of the Maritimes. Fredericton, N.B. : New Ireland Press, c1995. Maine E 78 M35 L42 1995

Prins, Harald E. L. Tribulations of a Border Tribe : a Discourse on the Political Ecology of the Aroostook Band of Micmacs (16th-20th centuries). Thesis (Ph.D.)–New School for Social Research, 1988. Maine E 99 M6 P76 1990

History – Other:

Nash, Charles E. The Indians of the Kennebec. Hallowell, Me. : Valley Publishers, 1994. Maine E 99 A13 N27 1994

Rogers, Hannah Lord. History of the Tarratine Tribe with Brief Sketches of the Other Indian Tribes of MaineMaine E 99 A13 H57

Starbird, Charles Millard. The Indians of the Androscoggin Valley : Tribal History, and Their Relations with the Early English Settlers of Maine. [Lewiston, Me.] : Lewiston Journal Printshop, 1928. Maine E 78 M2 S8 1928

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Land Claims:

Brodeur, Paul. Restitution, the Land Claims of the Mashpee, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot Indians of New England. Boston : Northeastern University Press, c1985. Maine KF 8208 B76 1985

Cohen, William S. PapersSpC MS 106

Legislative Records: Senate Committee on Indian Affairs subseries

Maine. Dept. of the Attorney General [Background documents on the Indian Land Claims Settlement] St. Docs. Box 30

Pecoraro, Joseph. The Maine Indian Land Claims Case : Pro and Con. Augusta, Me.: Maine Dept. of Educational and Cultural Services, 1979. St. Docs. E 21.10:M28/979


Saint Gertrude’s Church (Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada). A Copy of St. Gertrude’s Church Record Book of the Malecite Indians at Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada From the Year 1842 to the Present Day, Being a Record of Births, Baptismals, Confirmations, Marriages, Deaths and Interments. 1993.
Folio Maine CS 88 N5 C66 1993

Traditional Crafts:

Baskets of the Dawnland People. Calais, Me. : Project Indian Pride, [1980?] Maine E 78 M2 B3

Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. The Handicrafts of the Modern Indians of Maine. Bar Harbor, Me. : Robert Abbe Museum, 2003. Maine E 78 M2 E3 2003

Hill, Judith Rose Lacadie. Survey of Materials and Construction Techniques of Maine Indian Splint Ash Baskets and Contemporary Interpretations. Thesis (M.S.) in Human Development–University of Maine, 1989. Univ. 1989 H553

Konrad, Lee-Ann. Artists of the Dawn : Christine Nicholas and Senabeh. [Orono, Me.] : Northeast Folklore Society, c1987. Maine E 99 P5 K65 1987

Lacey, Laurie. Micmac Medicines: Remedies and Recollections. Halifax, N.S. : Nimbus, 1993. Maine E 99 M6 L35 1993

McBride, Bunny. Our Lives in our Hands : Micmac Indian Basketmakers. Gardiner, Me. : Tilbury House, c1990. Maine E 99 M6 M3 1990

Speck, Frank Gouldsmith. Symbolism in Penobscot Art. New York, The Trustees, 1927. In Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History, v. 29, pt. 2. Maine GN 2 A27

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Folklore and Music:

Alger, Abby Langdon. In Indian Tents. Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1897. Maine E 99 P5 A39 1897

Beck, Horace Palmer. Gluskap the Liar, & Other Indian Tales. Freeport, Me., B. Wheelwright Co. [c1966] Maine E 99 P5 B4

Burlin, Natalie Curtis. The Indians’ Book; an Offering by the American Indians of Indian Lore, Musical and Narrative, to Form a Record of the Songs and Legends of Their Race. New York and London, Harper, 1907. Maine M 1669 B87 I5

Davenport, Linda Gilbert. Music Among the Contemporary Penobscot Indians. Thesis (M.Mus.)–University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1977. Maine ML 3557 D38 1977

Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. The Indian Legends of Mount Katahdin. Reprinted from Appalachia number of Bulletin of Appalachia Mountain Club, December 1924. Maine F 27 P5 E22

Historic Maine and Indian Mythology. [Consolidated Steamship Lines, 1906?]. Pamp 869

Ives, Edward D. Malecite and Passamaquoddy Tales. Orono, Me. : Northeast Folklore Society, 1964, c1965. Maine GR 1 N65 v.6 1964

Leland, Charles Godfrey. The Algonquin Legends of New England : or, Myths and Folk Lore of the Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot Tribes. Boston : Houghton, Mifflin, 1884. Maine E 98 F6 L5

LeSourd, Philip S., ed. Tales from Maliseet Country: The Maliseet Texts of Karl V. Teeter. Lincoln, Neb.: University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Maine E 99 M195 T35 2007

Maine Writers’ Research Club. Maine Indians in History and Legends. Portland, Me. : Severn-Wylie-Jewett Co., c1952. Maine E 78 M2 M35 1952

Smith, Marion Whitney. Katahdin Fantasies : Stories Based on Old Indian Legends. Millinocket, Me. : Millinocket Press, c1953. Maine F 27 P5 S62

———————— Strange Tales of Abenaki Shamanism. Lewiston, Me. : Central Maine Press, c1963. Maine E 99 P5 S6

Speck, Frank Gouldsmith. Penobscot Shamanism. Lancaster, Pa., American Anthropological Association, 1919. Maine E 99 P5 S718

Spotted Elk. Katahdin: Wigwam’s Tales of the Abnaki Tribe… Orono, Me.: Maine Folklife Center, 2003. Maine GR 1 N65 no. 37

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Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy. Indian Place-names of the Penobscot Valley and the Maine Coast. Orono, Me. : Printed at the University press, 1941. Maine F17 E2

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Rasles, Sebastien. A Dictionary of the Abnaki Language in North America. Cambridge, Mass. : C. Folsom, 1833. Maine PM551 R3 1974

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