Cataloging: Phase Boxes

Purpose: Rare, delicate, and/or damaged books sometimes require repackaging in phase boxes for preservation.

Instructions: Interlocking Method

  1. For box assembly, see Phase Box Instructions.
  2. Affix a barcode label to the item itself rather than the phase box (*unless Rare Book – in this case, the barcode is affixed to the back of the phase box, on the left/right piece).
  3. Print 2 call number labels.
    a. Add one call number label and title label to left/right piece (preferred). If book is too narrow, place on front (top/bottom piece).
    b. If Rare Book, add second call number label to acid-free bookmark as instructed in Rare Book Procedures.
    b. For all other items, add second call number label to the book itself, as instructed in Processing Newly Cataloged Books.
  4. Add a “Phase Box” message to item record. This alerts Circulation staff that such books should check out and return with the phase box.  Instructions:
    a. Find/open item record in Sierra
    b. Select Insert, (m) Message
    c. Type “Phase Box”
    d. OK
    e. Save


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