Cataloging: Remove from Reference & Information Literacy Help Desk

Purpose: Items are regularly relocated from the Reference & Information Literacy Help Desk collections as they become superseded by new materials. The relevant catalog records require editing and the physical items themselves require processing in order to reflect this location change.

Editing URSUS Records
Each title removed from reference comes to cataloging with an RFR slip inserted (multivolume sets are accompanied by only one slip).  Read this slip carefully in order to determine correct handling of the item(s). Unless the slip indicates that there is a retention policy in place, the relocation must have been approved (signed) by the Head of Collections, Head of Reference, or any Librarian. If the slip indicates that the material is to be discarded, set aside and process separately using the withdrawal procedures.

The following instructions apply to the Cataloging module of Sierra:

  1. From the Catalog Search screen, select the barcode index and use the barcode reader to input the item’s barcode. Item record View/Edit screen will appear.
  2. Change item location from oref to osta (for stacks), ospc (Special Collections), odoc (Government Documents), or other location code based on instructions given on the RFR slip.
  3. Change Status code from o (Library Use Only) to – (Available). Exception: if the item is to become a Special Collections copy 1, it remains Library Use Only.
  4. If item is destined for a location requiring a pre-stamp add the pre-stamp above the call number and reprint a call number label.
  5. If the item will reside in Government Documents, make sure that the appropriate document number appears in the call number field and matches the label on the item (see MARC field 086 in the bib record).
  6. Check the RFR slip for any desired changes to the Retention Policy for the title.  The Retention Policy appears in the lower portion of the item record screen in a Note field.  Edit or add new Retention Policy as directed.  Be sure that the new policy is pasted into the latest volume of the title as well as the volume that is being relocated.
  7. Save changes to the item record.
  8. If no volumes of the title in question remain in Reference, select Edit icon to proceed to the bib record. Otherwise, proceed to “Processing Physical Items,” below.
  9. Double-click on the Branch field in the bib record header. Click on oref and click Remove Branch.  Click OK.
  10. If no volumes of the title were previously held in the new location, click Add Branch and enter oro (regardless of location). Click OK.
  11. May need to change holdings note under checkin tab of item record.  Example: “Latest held in Reference”
  12. Save changes to bib record.

Processing Physical Items

  1. Use a black marker to neatly cover the Ref pre-stamp on the call number label. Tip: If label is covered with tape, trim small piece of unprinted label to cover pre-stamp on books label and cover with another piece of tape as marker will only rub off the tape.
  2. Some older items may have “Do Not Remove from Reference” labels on the front cover.  Remove these labels with a scraper. Black out with a marker if removal is not possible.
  3. Record statistics for total number of titles, volumes, and  pieces relocated.
  4. Leave processed items on the book truck near the physical processing table.

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