Cataloging: Withdrawals

Purpose: To remove pieces from the collection according to the Library’s retention policies or damage.  See AV withdrawals for specifics on how to treat these items.

Removal can be initiated either through the RFR process or through Book Repair.

  • Withdrawals/Discards can be found on the RFR shelf in Technical Services.  Reference staff are asked to separate discards from relocations when delivering, as cataloging staff typically find it easier to process these works separately.

In either case, the relevant catalog records require editing and the physical pieces themselves require processing.

Withdrawing items from URSUS (Cataloging Staff)
The following instructions apply to the Sierra Cataloging module:

  1. From the Catalog Search screen, select the barcode index and use the barcode reader to input the piece’s barcode. The item or checkin record View/Edit screen will appear.
    NOTE: If a checkin record exists along with individual item records for a given title be sure to update the location field in the checkin when holdings are no longer located in Reference.
  2. If other locations also have records attached to the same bib record, but Fogler has only the one copy in hand:
    1. Go to the bib record edit screen (Edit icon)
    2. Double-click on the Branch field in the bib record header. Click on oro (or o—, depending on the location) and click Remove Branch.  Click OK.
    3. Copy the OCLC number from the MARC field 001 (OCLC/RLIN#).  This number should be saved to a running list that will be processed later.  Using Cut/Paste to enter the numbers into a NotePad document is recommended.
    4. Save changes to bib record; click Summary for attached record display
    5. From the Summary tab, select the appropriate item and click Delete.
    6. Be sure that you have the correct item record.  Answer Yes to the next prompt.
  3. If other locations also have attached records AND/OR Fogler has more than one copy:
    1. From the Item Summary tab, select the appropriate item and click Delete.
    2. Be sure that you have the correct item record.  Answer yes to the next prompt.
    3. There is no need to copy the OCLC number or remove the ORO branch.
    4. If the item was an RFR and other Fogler attached records remain, proceed to step 5 below.
  4. If no other locations have attached records and Fogler has only the one copy in hand:
    1. Record the OCLC number as in 2.3 above.
    2. Click the Edit tab.
    3. From the menu, select File>Delete Bibliographic Record. Proceed with deletion.
  5. Check the RFR slip for any necessary changes to the Retention Policy for the title.  The Retention Policy appears in the lower portion of the item or checkin record screen in a Note field.  Edit or add new Retention Policy as directed.  Be sure that the new policy is pasted into the latest volume for the title. Save changes.
  6. Record statistics for total number of titles, volumes, and  pieces discarded (a title is considered discarded when OCLC holdings are deleted). See Withdrawing Audiovisual Materials for more information on recording statistics for AV items.
  7. Move all withdrawn pieces to the Discard Table in Technical Services.

 Discarding Physical Pieces (Student Worker when available)

  1. Ask the Library Assistant for the discard stamp. After processing, the stamp must be returned to the LA so it is not left out.
  2. Stamp each item in three places:
    1. Inside the front cover (across the bookplate if possible)
    2. On the title page
    3. On one of the book’s last pages with text.
  3. The discarded paperback volumes are then placed in clear plastic trash bags for recycling. There are usually extra bags next to the Discard Table.  Additional bags can be obtained from the gift books staff in Acquisitions.
  4. Hardcover volumes are placed in black plastic trash bags for disposal.
  5. Be careful not to overload the bags. Do not fill more than 1/3 of each bag.
  6. Place the bags by the large trash can by the mail and copier centers or pile neatly in front of discard shelf for pickup.
  7. Statistics for discards are recorded before the materials reach the Discard Table. No further statistics are required.

Deleting Holdings from OCLC/WorldCat (Staff or Student – undetermined)

  1. From OCLC Connexion Client top menu, select Batch>Holdings by OCLC Number.
  2. Click Browse and find your saved notepad document of OCLC numbers and Import (OR enter numbers, one per line, in the larger input box).
  3. Select Delete Holdings from the Action list.
  4. Verify that all numbers have been transcribed properly. Click OK.

Safety Note on the Handling of Decaying Books
Withdrawal items can be very dusty and sometimes noxious.  Gloves and dust masks are available in the Acquisitions Dept. supply cabinet should they be required.

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