Cataloging: Special Collections Books with Media

Purpose: To give an overview and procedures for the treatment of books with accompanying materials for Special Collections.

When books are cataloged for Special Collection that have accompanying materials, for example CDs, the accompanying materials are separated from the print book.

  1. CDs are cataloged as separate items attached to the bib records for the book.
  2. Individual barcodes are used for each accompanying CD.
  3. Cataloger applies barcode, and labels, to flexible jewel case.
  4. Call numbers have the following prefix: Maine CD, and each case gets its own label
  5. Deliver flexible jewel cases and and book to Special Collections.
  • Pre-stamp for label = Maine CD
  • itype = 3
  • loc = ospc
  • stat = o
  • volume = disc [or however the discs are designated in the piece]

Shows sample record for Special Collections with accompanying materials

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