Cataloging: Special Collections Comprehensive Plans

Purpose: To give an overview and procedures for the classification of Maine town comprehensive plans for Special Collections.

Comprehensive plans are one type of document cataloged as part of the Maine Cities and Towns collection.

Uniform Titles
A uniform title is added to each comprehensive plan to allow the Special Collections department to bring up all comprehensive plans in an alphabetical list. Most records will have the following MARC field entered:

240 10 Comprehensive plan. [Town name]. [date]


240 10 Comprehensive plan. Augusta. 2008

If the MARC record for the comprehensive plan does not include a 1XX field (generally a 110 field), then the following MARC field should be entered instead of the 240 field:

130 0_ Comprehensive plan. [Town name]. [date]

Note: Although subfields such as $p (part) and $f (date) can be used in the uniform title, these subfields do not show up in URSUS or Sierra preview screens. Because of this, they are not used in comprehensive plan uniform titles.

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