Cataloging: State of Maine Maps

Purpose: To provide a step-by-step procedure for creating earlier edition map records by using later edition map records available in OCLC WorldCat.


  1. Open WorldCat search window (<F2>).
  2. Enter title in Command Line search box preceded by “sca ti=” ; or enter title information in Keyword/Numeric Search box, check “Maps” in “Format” box.
  3. Find the right record for deriving. For detailed instruction regarding locating the best record refer to procedure Copy Cataloging: Locating and Downloading OCLC Records via Sierra.
  4. Derive new record (<Ctrl+Alt+C>), click “Yes” on the “Transfer fixed values to new record?” pop-up window.
  5. Make changes in following fields:
  •  “Dates”; “Ctry” in fixed fields
  • 020
  • 086
  • 260
  • 500
  1. Check other fixed fields and variable fields as well to make sure the description of the map in hand matches the description in the bib record*.
  2. Apply barcode to the map.
  3. Write down the new call number on the map.
  4. Add 949 field to the bib record (<Alt+M>), enter barcode after “i-“


  1. Save record to online file (<Ctrl+Alt+V>), write down the save number. Inform catalogers once a batch has been done. Remember online save file will be expired in 14 days!
  2. Catalogers update the record (<F8>) and export (<F5>) to URSUS

*For more information regarding map cataloging refer to Map Cataloging Procedures.

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