Cataloging: University Publications

Purpose: to give an overview and procedures for the classification of University of Maine publications for Special Collections.

The University collection was previously classified under a system that featured the prestamp Univ MUO.  Beginning ca. November 2004, cataloged items have been classified with a new system marked by the prestamp UPub. Retrospective conversion is not being done at this time.

Record Groups
The current classification features record groups for University departments, divisions, and offices and is subdivided to three levels. The University Record Groups document is still periodically updated and can be accessed via the Special Collections folder on the share drive/Library14.  A current copy is also kept in Original Cataloging.

Type Subdivisions
Material types further subdivide the classification. Choose the appropriate number from the following list:

  1. Reports
  2. Plans
  3. History
  4. Periodicals
  5. Handbooks, Manuals, etc.
  6. Directories
  7. [undefined]
  8. Other Publications (papers, conference proceedings, etc.)
  9. Miscellaneous Printed Materials (i.e., loose materials in boxes)

Call Number Creation
Use the following template for call numbering:

UPub [Record Group].[Sub-group].[Sub-sub-group].[Office/Unit]-[Type]-[YYYY]-[v.]-[no.]

NOTE: for serial publications, enter Year, Vol. and No. in the Volume field of the item record instead of the call number field. Note also that some monographs will require a series number after the year in order to avoid call number duplication (see example 3, below).


1. Information Directory, Telecommunications, 1963/64, fall semester:
UPub 6.9-6 DAFS

Example of call numbers for University Publications

2. Centerpoint newsletter, Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, v.1, n.1:
UPub 5.5-4

Call number example for University Publications 2

3. On my own time: the conflict between adolescent sleep needs and high school start times (College of Education & Human Development, Occasional Paper series, no. 38):
UPub 6.5.3-4 OP no.38 2001

Call number example for University Publications 3

Label layout


Multiple copies
Copy 2, etc. may circulate.

For UMaine Cooperative Extension

Use 6.8-8-[YYYY] for extension publications, plus publication # in URSUS volume field.

Safe H2Ome program, 1999, bulletin #7119


Example of multiple copies in University Publications

Maine Sea Grant Publications

See Maine Sea Grant Publications page for additional call numbering rules.

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