Cataloging: Withdraw AV

Purpose: To officially withdraw and take inventory of titles and pieces of various audiovisual materials including: kits, games, filmstrips, videos, slides and flashcards.  The process is meant to emulate the stats count when added to the collection. See Withdrawing and Discarding Library Materials for general information on processing withdrawals.

1. Bring record up on Sierra

2. Type e for Dewey and other call numbers when searching by call number (Eg. ‘slide’ is the pre-stamp for slide collections)

3. For counting pieces to withdraw, consult the subfield a of the 300 field ONLY (don’t be concerned with information in the subfield e (eg.+ audiocassette, etc.). Ignore parenthetical information in subfield a as well.


.b1021995x [Slides]
300 100 slides + |e narrative booklet and booklet entitled “Geography of Maine”        (Count as 1 title and 101 pieces)

.b30653587 [Game]
300 1 game (131 cards and subject dividers).                                                         (Count as 1 title 1 piece)

.b10152611 [Flashcard]
300 100 flash cards :|bcol. ;|c13 x 19 cm. +|e1 booklet                                            (Count as 1 title, 101 pieces)

.b1571715x [Filmstrip]
300 64 fr. :|bcol. ;|c35 mm. &|ecassette (4-track) and discussion guide                     (Count as 1 title, 1 piece)

300 1 portfolio (21 pieces :|bill.) ;|c35 x 24 cm                                                         (Count as 1 title, 1 piece)

4. If the piece in hand was never catalogued (fly record only on URSUS) then do not record statistics. Delete records and move on.

5. Delete attached items and bib records as you go.

6. Stamp “no longer the property of” on large pieces.

7. Place withdrawn items on Discards shelf for later disposal.

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