Cataloging: Pre cat searching of URSUS

Purpose: To determine if a cataloging record already exists on URSUS before cataloging on OCLC, and to create item records where a full cataloging record already exists.

Search URSUS via Sierra by title to determine if a full cataloging record is available.  A match requires agreement of title, publisher, date, and last numbered page.  If not found, try another entry point to be sure (eg. author or ISBN). Possible results of search:

  • UM order record, no cataloging bib. This is the most common case.
    Action: to be searched in OCLC and overlayed.
  • UM order record AND a cataloging record from another campus (i.e. a bib record with CAT DATE filled in).

    • Create an item record and attach to the cataloging bib record. Add ‘ORO’ to branch field. Get call number from other attached item records or from CIP data in book, if available. If no call number available, set aside for cataloger. [NOTE: After this title is updated on OCLC, call number is checked on URSUS to be sure it matches the OCLC call number for label printing purposes]
    • Suppress UM order record as follows:
      • Fill in CDATE on the order record;
      • If this is the only order record attached, or if ORO is the only library symbol in the branch field, put n in the initials field of the order bib; if there are 2 or more library symbols in the branch field, remove ORO.
      • Write your initials on the order slip, upper right corner, to show that the record has been suppressed.
    • Print spine label and insert label at top of book and set aside for physical processing
  • UM cataloging record for other volumes of the same set.
    Action:  Put volume on add truck.
  • Non-book (map, score, microform, a-v) or LMC book:
    Action: Pass directly on to person responsible for processing those materials.
  • Add holdings symbol (MEU) to OCLC
    • Open an OCLC Connexion session
    • Copy and paste the OCLC number from the 001 field of the bib record into the search window with # sign as a prefix (eg. #25509845)
    • Under ‘action’ menu select Action>Holdings>Update holdings (or press F8)
    • Save and exit record

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