Cataloging: Special Collections Multiple Copies

Purpose: to clarify handling of multiple copies ordered and cataloged for Special Collections. Note: all Special Collections items designated as non-circulating require item status code = “o” (Library Use Only).  Items that do circulate require item status code = “” (Available).

There is usually only 1 non-circulating copy in Special Collections unless there is more than one Vickery copy. A copy in the stacks doesn’t enter into the consideration. 1st copy in Spec. Coll. or Vickery copy is generally non-circulating. Others can circulate unless designated (e.g., Rare items and Pamphlets do not circulate).

1. Initial order should indicate whether an item will be cataloged Maine Juv. or any other sub-collection in Special Collections

2. If copy 1 is in Spec Coll already: indicate on order, “order circ c.2 for Spec Coll”
(Note: It’s conceivable that the newer copy would be made the non-circulating copy if the older copy is in bad condition. We don’t usually know that when we catalog so status would be changed after delivery to the dept.)

3. If copy 1 is in ORO stacks already: indicate on order, “order LIBR USE ONLY copy for Spec Coll”

4. Gift or added copies beyond c.2— usually do not need more than 2 copies in the building. If Special Collections wants to order or add a copy 3, 4, or 5 please indicate and initial on the order so we know the Department realizes they are adding beyond the usual number.

All of the above assumes someone has carefully checked URSUS prior to ordering any items.

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