Cataloging: UMaine Press

Purpose: To catalog and physically process University of Maine Press publications designated for Special Collections.

One copy of all University of Maine Press books should be preserved in archival condition as a depository copy in Special Collections. This procedure details how to catalog and process this copy, plus an additional copy for the Special Collections stacks.

Depository Copy: Cataloging

The depository copy should be classed according to the University Publication (UPub) classification system. The UPub base number for University Press publications is:

UPub 6.14.5

Each publication should be sub-classed by year and then Cuttered by main entry. E.g., the classification number for a book by Christopher Campbell published in 1975 would be:

UPub 6.14.5 C152 1975 (the Cutter number can be extended as needed)

Example of University Press record in URSUS

Depository Copy: Processing

The depository copy should N have any labels or barcodes directly applied. Instead, the call number label and barcode should be affixed to an acid-free bookmark which is placed in the volume. (This is similar to processing for rare books.) However, the depository copy should still be stamped with a Fogler Library stamp. (This is different from the rare book procedure.)

Other Special Collections Copies:

The second copy should be processed in accordance with regular Special Collections procedures. (I.e., LC classification, etc.) However, since it is the second copy in Special Collections (the first being the depository copy), this copy should circulate.

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